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Have you ever wanted to get in the mind of an industry expert? In this ongoing series, we sit down with experts of a certain field and get answers to some frequently asked questions. This month, we spoke with Craig Wendt of Valley Landscaping.

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The landscaping of a place is often the first introduction one receives when coming across a new home or business. As we all know, first impressions are important. Since we only have so many good months out of the year to enjoy our outdoor spaces, why risk settling for anything less than the best? To learn more about the ins and outs of landscaping in the Red River Valley, we talked with landscaping expert Craig Wendt with Valley Landscaping. 

What services do you offer at Valley Landscaping?

We are a full-service landscaping, lawn care and snow removal company. We work with both residential and commercial properties, whether it is new construction or existing. We provide a variety of landscaping services, basic things such as grading, sod and hydroseed. For landscape design, the most common elements we install are the Continuous Concrete Curb Edging, landscaping rock, boulders and plants. We offer both stamped and paver patios and custom outdoor kitchens. We can create both water and fire features and just about anything else our customers can imagine.

What services do you provide that set you apart? 

We are locally owned and operated and work very closely with our customers. We pay attention to details and strive for customer satisfaction. Since we are a full-service landscape company, we can take care of everything from curb edging to patios, from start to finish. 

What are some elements of our area’s climate and terrain should homeowners be aware of when making a landscaping plan?

Aside from moody and ever-changing weather, we live in a very flat area and our soil has a high clay content. In this area especially, weather can be nice one day and a pain the next. It is crucial to have patience because the environment truly controls our schedule. Additionally, our summer is only so long, so we have to pay attention to the autumn deadline. 

What type of plants do you suggest for our climate here? 

Over the years we have learned which plants do well in our climate and clay soils. It is also important to make sure plants are not planted too deep and have good, black soil around them. Some of these include shrubs such as Spireas or Dogwoods, and a wide variety of perennials such as daylilies, hostas and Karl Foerster reed grasses.

Why is it important to hire a landscaper rather than DIY?

It is important to hire a landscaper to make sure you have proper grade around the foundation and the landscaping has a nice flow to it. It is important to note that there is a lot of hard, manual labor required for landscaping. Furthermore, there are specialty tools that typically only a business can provide such as skid steers and soil conditioners. If landscaping is not properly installed you will find possible water issues or maintenance issues in the future.

What are some of your favorite elements to use in designs?

We really like adding decorative boulders to a landscape to add some depth and unique height. A wide variety of perennials bring in different colors, too. Adding patios and sitting walls really enhance the backyard, making it a fun and entertaining space. Creating custom outdoor kitchens and all sorts of things our customers dream up keeps the job interesting.

What are some tips you have for those wanting a beautiful yard, but with minimal maintenance? 

Great landscaping should complement the house and not be the focal point. This means that the landscape has a plan and guides the eye. More is not better, in fact, it is often better to keep it clean and minimalist. We highly recommend our Continuous Concrete Curb Edging due to its durability. This edging has a galvanized steel cable and fiber mesh mixed into the concrete that helps it withstand the hard weather of the Midwest for many years.

We like to embellish this edging with some landscaping rock and perennials to give more color and personality. The best thing you can do is get it done right the first time to avoid future issues. 

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