Greenhouses Reimagined: Meet Joshua & Audrey Cook of 46 North Landscaping & Design

Joshua & Audrey Cook

Meet Joshua & Audrey Cook of 46 North Landscaping & Design

46 North Landscaping in Fargo is on a mission to create landscapes unique in form, complete in function and rich in plant material. Fast forward from his childhood days of playing with Tonka toys in his grandpa’s dirt pile to today, owner Joshua Cook has over 20 years of experience working in the construction and landscaping industry. While paver patio and plant installation occupy most of the summer season, Joshua and his wife Audrey are excited to be the first contractor in the midwest to provide permanent residential greenhouses.

While residential greenhouses have been popular in Europe for years, the concept is only recently catching on in the United States. Modern technology has made these permanent structures more versatile, more affordable and incredibly strong. Inside an unheated greenhouse, you can enjoy early spring planting four weeks sooner and extend fall growing four weeks longer simply from the sun’s natural warmth.

Improving Quality of Life

When it feels like the walls of winter are closing in, having a heated greenhouse offers an escape to nature. Even on the coldest days, produce can easily grow in a heated greenhouse. Simply brushing your hand over the garden herbs and the earthy smell of moist soil fills the space with the scent of summer. Even for non-plant growers, feeling that boost from greenhouse sunlight on the skin is a mood lifter.

46 North offers two main styles: Victorian and Riga greenhouses. The Victorian is a classic European style with elegant full-length glazing panels. The Riga is a rugged ‘onion’ shape designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads. Both styles feature tougher, stronger panels and substantial aluminum frames that beat any competitors in this price range. By selecting optional accessories like shelving, hooks, seed trays, and automatic-window openers, homeowners can customize their greenhouse to meet their needs.

Pro Tip:

Typically, a greenhouse falls in the same permit category as a shed. If you have room for a shed, you have room for a greenhouse. A sunny location is ideal. The greenhouses can be set on bare level ground, gravel, cement or a patio. 46 North offers professional assembly as well as free consultations to work with your specific needs.

Creative Use:

  • Outdoor Dining Room
  • Hot Tub
  • Spa Room
  • Private Studio
  • She Shed

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