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Have you ever wanted to get in the mind of an industry expert? In this ongoing series, we sit down with experts of a certain field and get answers to some frequently asked questions. This month, we spoke with Tom Erickson of Delta Design and learned all about starting a home remodeling project.

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From the first nail to the last fixture, a home remodel requires experienced professionals in the construction industry with knowledge of homes typical to the area.

Tom Erickson of Delta Design & Construction has been behind many of the Fargo-Moorhead community’s residential and commercial remodels. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Erickson and his team have developed a thorough understanding of the design considerations needed to create a remodel that meets or surpasses the homeowners’ construction goals and maximizes the utility and beauty of the original space. Erickson shares his expertise and advice for launching a home remodeling project and how Delta Design can help on your next adventure and exceed expectations.

Delta Design Construction

What services do you offer at Delta Design & Construction?

We offer expertise in two areas of residential and commercial contracting, specializing in remodeling. One area is custom design and remodeling and the other is insurance repair. We have extensive project experience in the entire design life cycle in both of these areas, from concept design and working with insurance adjusters, to material selection and all the way through the construction process.

Our remodeling process utilizes computer 3-D renderings to take clients through the entire design process of the remodel. This way clients can visualize the project before committing to a certain approach. We typically work with larger remodels that encompass a bigger portion of the home that requires more attention and varied expertise. We are usually working with kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions, second-story additions and other remodeling projects of a larger scale. We have also completed smaller, more detailed remodeling projects in the area.

The insurance repair side of Delta Design interacts with the remodeling side. Homeowners will contact us to repair something that was damaged and will see the potential for further improvements in their homes or commercial spaces. We then perform the proper repairs in conjunction with coordinating a remodel.

What is something that sets you apart in the industry? 

My employees, like myself, are unique in that they have a lot of detailed experience in many different aspects of remodeling. They know all of the components it takes to create and execute a successful remodel. I’ve been doing this long enough in Fargo-Moorhead that when we open up something, I will typically know what’s going to be in there, just going off of the age of the house. We know what to predict and that just comes from our experience, which in turn helps the project go smoother.

How do you work alongside your customers to make their visions come to life?

The design portion is very crucial if you’re going to do a larger remodeling project. We use our design rendering software to first design a mock-up solution that best serves the client’s needs. From there, we pick out all the materials, taking into consideration the quality and performance of these materials and also what they bring to the space visually.

This task requires an experienced eye, and we are able to recommend products that can best serve the client’s needs and values. It can be very time-consuming to pick out everything from tile grout color, to cabinet knobs and countertops, but we pick all that out together so we can select materials that align with the client’s budget without compromising their goals for the remodel. From there, we put the numbers together from what they picked out. We collaborate with the client during this entire process to ensure the remodel meets or exceeds their expectations.

Delta Design Construction
Delta Design Construction

You’ve been in this business for a while. What got you into the field and kept you here? 

I worked with a small construction company in my hometown part-time beginning in 1982. I then went to NDSU to be an architectural engineer. After one year in the program, I decided to become an industrial arts teacher with a construction management minor and worked my way through college as a framer in the construction industry building homes. From there, I went into the remodeling business with a local remodeling firm and have been doing this since 1987.

Remodeling is very different from custom home construction. It requires different skill sets and considerations because the family is still in their home, so you have to be considerate of them while still moving ahead on the remodel. It is very gratifying to see what you have accomplished at the end of the day.

What makes a good remodel candidate? What homes and clients are a good fit for a large-scale remodel?

Many people will ask me if it’s worth putting money into their home, and it
is a very hard question to answer. Many different factors need to be considered. You have to ask yourself, “How long are you going to stay there?” and “How much money do you want to put into the house?”

When people ask this question, I usually ask how long they want to live there. If they come back uncertain, I’ll be honest and say I wouldn’t do a large remodel. It’s a hard thing to ask yourself if you’re only looking at it as an investment or a way of life.

If they love their neighborhood, the area and the location, then it’s less about the house itself and more about the life situation that they have come to. Many people remodel later in their life for many reasons. They now want it for themselves or to make their home nicer and bigger for when their kids or grandkids visit for special occasions.

Delta Design Construction
Delta Design Construction

What are some of your favorite elements you’ve seen trending?

We’ve seen a lot of kitchen remodels centralizing around an open floorplan. Most clients like the open floorplan, kitchens aren’t boxed-in anymore. They want an area where they can entertain, where they can congregate with the kids while preparing supper. The design of the remodel is primarily informed by the family’s values.

Delta Design has also worked on many large walk-in tiled showers, with no door and multiple showerheads and body sprays. We have gotten away from the jacuzzi tubs of the ’80s and ’90s and have moved toward large walk-in showers as a more modern approach to introduce luxury design elements into their home.

I also like second-story additions. Overall, it gives the homeowner more space with a better value, rather than having to pay to add footings and foundation for a ground-level addition.

Why hire Delta Design & Construction? 

Experience. With our many years of experience, we know what to expect because that is all we do: Remodeling. Remodeling with style!

I’m always going to be honest with our clients. I have plenty of experience in the field to answer any questions the client has and tell them what they should expect. From the very beginning of the design process, I want to make sure the client is happy and excited about the results. It’s all about establishing that trust and great communication with our clients. Beauty and quality by design, Delta Design.

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