Jordan Epping

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Why did we pick Jordan?

1. She’s a former professional athlete

As a former cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings, Jordan now takes her skills and leadership and invests them in the NDSU Dance Team as their coach and mentor. Being a professional athlete means understanding how to nurture and fuel your body to achieve maximum health, both on and off the field. Now she is a positive influence to the health and well-being of her students.

2. She’s an influential businesswoman

Jordan is both the Manager at FACE FOUNDRIÉ in Fargo and the Co-Owner of FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s new location in Bismarck which is opening soon! She graduated from NDSU in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Retail Merchandising and Design and a double minor in Business and Psychology. Her athletic career, expertise in health and beauty, and entrepreneurial spirit make Jordan a game-changer in the business world.

3. She’s an expert in the beauty industry

As someone who knows all about keeping your health at its A-game under pressure, as well as having industry-leading skincare expertise, Jordan is at the peak of the health and beauty world.

Now, she is here to bring her professional knowledge, beauty hacks and guided tips to Fargo.

5 Health and Beauty Hacks for Fargo

1. Wear SPF everyday

“Did you know that 90% of our aging is due to sun exposure alone? 90%! The key to good skin is to protect it and wear sunscreen every. single. day. Whether it’s winter, spring, snowing or raining, sunscreen must be on your face! To keep it simple, if the street lights aren’t on, your SPF should be!”

2. Prioritize Self-care

“It is not always easy to take time for yourself but it does make a world of a difference. Whether it’s getting monthly facials or just taking an extra 5 minutes to drink your coffee and soak up the sunshine, never feel guilty for taking care of yourself! As they say on the airplane, you must put your own mask on first before helping others!”

3. Hydrate all day, everyday

“We all know water is super important, but staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. Maybe you need to get a new water bottle as motivation or add in a product to the water like Liquid IV so it tastes more exciting. Whatever it is—make it happen and flush those toxins! Your body and skin will thank you!”

“Liquid IV has 10 unique flavors — I recommend trying their variety pack!”

-Josiah Kopp, Editor

4. Prep Head

“I’m a busy gal so cooking extra meals for the week doesn’t always happen but places like Power Plate Meals and Juice Box help keep me ahead of the game and ready to go. My best days are when I have snacks and a meal prepped for the day. Set yourself up for success and use the resources you need to!”

“My go-to juice Box is the Golden Citrus – this one is bound to brighten your day!”

“My favorite Power Plate Meal is the Turkey Tacos –they are to die for!”

5. Stay moving

“Sometimes this one will feel extra tough to do (especially in the winter) but I can tell you that keeping your body moving will save your physical and mental self! Even if it’s as simple as committing to a 10 minute walk every day or choosing the stairs at work, you will notice how much better you feel!”

“I notice a huge improvement in my mental health when I take time to exercise, especially in the winter!”

-Josiah Kopp, Editor

Jordan’s Places to Go

1. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory fitness in South Fargo focuses on science-based group workouts that target specific heart rate zones for maximum results.

“I recently started going to Orangetheory Fitness and I now understand the hype! I get a killer workout and listen to a bumpin’ playlist (that I may or may not be dancing to in between reps) while being surrounded by a great group of humans and an encouraging coach. What’s not to love!”

2. Mahana Fresh

Mahana Fresh in West Fargo takes grain bowls to the next level with fresh and diet-conscious options. They offer dine-in, takeout or delivery and also have a rewards program.

“Mahana Fresh has become a great lunch spot for me! I love that their food is fresh, healthy and gluten-free! It’s a quick and easy option that never gets old.”

“As someone with a strict diet, I can second Jordan’s hype about Mahana Fresh– it’s always been a delicious, safe go-to for me.”

-Josiah Kopp, Editor

3. Namaste Chai

Namaste Chai is the perfect healthy pick-me-up for local lattes in Fargo. Their business runs on wheels and their hours and location schedule can be found on their website

“Their recipes are traditionally made from scratch and the service is exceptional. There’s nothing like a Namaste Chai latte to pick me up in the middle of my day!”

5. Nautical Bowls

Superfoods are what Nautical Bowls is all about, offering nutrient-packed Açaí bowls in a fun atmosphere.

“Nautical Bowls comes to my rescue for the days that I am craving something sweet. Their acaí bowls are drool worthy and have the best assortment of no guilt ingredients—this is a yummy on the go treat.”

7 Things to Avoid for Healthy Skin

1. Picking your skin

“Listen, I know it can be tempting to pick at a blemish, but I promise it will cause more harm than good. If you are having a weak moment, grab an ice cube or a cold spoon and rub directly on the blemish. This will help take down the inflammation and will make it less appealing to pick at!”

Pro Tip: Add extractions to your next facial for enhanced skim benefits!”

2. Over exfoliating

“Exfoliation is great and is necessary in a solid skincare routine. However, over-exfoliating can damage your skin barrier which may lead to breakouts and dull, sensitive skin. I suggest alternating the days that you use a chemical and physical exfoliant and adding in a night of recovery with a hydrating mask/ cream in between!”

3. Negative energies

“We can all feel when negative energy comes into the room—it quickly brings you down. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with positive people in all areas of life. Good energies like this create environments for you to be your best self, accomplish the most and truly enjoy the moment.”

4. Giving into Tiktok trends

“While there are certainly a lot of things to learn on TikTok, skincare trends are one thing to steer clear from. Remember that most of those sharing these trends are not licensed professionals and don’t have the experience or knowledge to know what is good for YOUR skin. As these trends show up on your feed, run it by your Esthetician so they can tell if it’s one to follow.”

5. Saying Yes to everything

“I’m naturally a yes girl so saying no to anything is very difficult for me. However, I’ve come to know that taking on more opportunities does not always add quality to my life. Make sure that what you take on is something that you have room for, that brings you joy and that you can give 100% to. If needed, remove other items from your plate to make room for the things that you love most.”

6. At-home dermaplaning

“Dermaplaning is most effective when it’s done correctly. At home dermaplaning really only gets the peach fuzz and can easily cause damage to the skin. Dermaplaning that is done by a licensed Esthetician is able to remove peach fuzz and dead skin in the safest and most sterile way possible. Trust me on this one—leave it to the professionals!”

7. Too much screen time

“It’s easy to get sucked into ‘the scroll’, but limiting your time on social will help you stay more present in your life. We don’t realize how much stress is added just by being on our phones. Know that you are allowed to turn your phone off every once in a while to recharge (no pun intended) and enjoy the moment with those around you.”

Jordan Approved

1. Isotonix Vitamin D

“We all know how hard it is to get Vitamin D throughout the winter in North Dakota. The Isotonix Vitamin D is my favorite because it’s a supplement that I can drink, that tastes great, and quickly absorbs into my system.”

2. Summer Fridays Mineral SPF

“Sunscreen is my one desert island product that I just can’t live without. The Summer Fridays Mineral Sunscreen is my go to because it’s perfect for all skin tones, skin types, and skin types and makes my skin look so glowy and healthy!”

3. Kirkland Applesauce

“Okay, now I know that this applesauce went viral for the kids but honestly, it’s a win for the adults too! I have at least 3 with me at all times. It’s the perfect snack when I just need a little something in between work and dance practice.”

4. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

“This salve is a must in my bag! It is the perfect lip balm that actually heals my chapped lips but is also great for other dry areas (elbows!) or scrapes on your skin that needs a little TLC.” ‘

Tip: Put on your cuticles before bedtime!

Jordan’s Picks


Instagram: @redrivermarket

“The Red River Market account is my inside scoop on the events that are happening around Fargo-Moorhead. I’m a sucker for a good Farmer’s Market so the Red River Market keeps my dreams alive throughout all of the seasons!”


“As someone who lives a dairy free life, it can be hard to find fun things to eat, but Natural Grocers always comes through. They truly have the best selection when it comes to healthy, fresh, and allergen-free products. I am so grateful we have places like these in Fargo!”

“I shop at Natural Grocers frequently and I love their selection of organic yams and pasture-raised eggs!”

-Josiah Kopp, Editor


“I have a not-so-secret obsession with candles as they are one of my favorite ways to relax at the end of the day. For those that share this passion with me, I highly recommend the Palms, Psalms, & Prosecco candles that are handmade in Minnesota. They by far have the best scents, the longest burn time and will quickly make your house smell like you’re baking up some goodies in the kitchen!”


“Reading “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins in the middle of 2020 was a game changer for me. This book is all about changing your habits and learning how to push yourself with the 5 Second tool. It’s made an great impact on my life and I bet it will do the same for you!”


“I love a good podcast and often find myself choosing How I Built This as my go-to. Learning about businesses, how they started, and the journey to their success is incredibly fascinating to me. I am a businesswoman at heart so listening to these stories gives me the inspirational boost that I need to keep striving for more!”


Think Dirty – “This is a cool app to find out how ‘clean’ your skincare products really are!

Users can scan barcodes of products and learn about each ingredient and be provided with healthier alternatives if “dirty ingredients” are spotted.

Masterclass – “An app dedicated to learning from the best of the best in any industry! Yes, please! The Anna Wintour Masterclass is a favorite of mine! So inspiring.”

“I have taken music-production courses on Masterclass and I love the pace of learning and how well everything is explained!”

-Josiah Kopp, Editor


What is skincare all about to you? How does it make you feel?

Skincare is self-care. Taking care of your skin is a gift you are giving to yourself. Having a consistent skincare routine is something your future self will thank you for. Since I’ve really started taking care of my skin, I have felt more confident, more beautiful in my own skin (with and without makeup) and have felt more in control of my life. It’s relaxing to do and has all the great benefits on the other side. It’s truly a win-win.

How has your career as a former pro cheerleader influenced your passion for beauty and skincare?

Being a professional cheerleader, it is your job to maintain good image and with that comes the necessity of a diligent beauty routine. Being in full hair and makeup every day can be damaging, so taking care of your skin is crucial. My love for beauty came before I was on the football field, but being on the team certainly brought my passion to a new level. At the end of the day, you want to look and feel your best both during games and outside of practice. While being on Vikings, I learned that it starts with a good base of healthy nutrition (yes, food can affect your skin!), a good skincare routine, and of course, that beauty sleep. You will never regret getting into good habits!

What are some new trends or techniques you have been trying or implementing into FACE FOUNDRIÉ?

We are always trying new techniques at FACE FOUNDRIÉ as the beauty industry is always evolving. One of my favorite facials to give is the Cryo Queen facial. It uses Cryo technology to firm and tighten the skin. Mixed with the dermaplaning add-on, it quite literally makes your skin look like glass! It is a fan favorite for a reason!

You coach the dance team at NDSU, why is it important for you to give back to the sport?

Once you are a part of the dance world, it never leaves your blood. Dance has given me so much in my life that it only feels right to pass it on. Having the opportunity to coach such a distinguished team is an honor. Although my time in the NFL brought me a great deal of knowledge and a unique experience, I continue to learn from my team every day. It is truly a collaboration and I don’t take this moment for granted.

What things are most dear to your heart (family, faith, etc.) and how do they empower you daily?

My faith is incredibly important to me and guides me through each and every area and season of my life. Faith is always number one but family takes a close second. It’s cliche to say, but without them, I most certainly wouldn’t be where or who I am today.

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