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Top 5 Pergola Trends Of 2017

2017 Pergola Trends

With a little help from Deckmasters, we’ve compiled a list of top pergola trends in 2017.

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If you have goals of someday adding a pergola to your patio or garden, you are not alone. Before you schedule a trip to the lumberyard, you might want to get up to speed on the pergola trends that are considered best by many in the Midwest. With a little help from Deckmasters, we’ve compiled a list of pergola trends in 2017.

2017 Pergola Trends

The Darker, the Better

Midwesterners are melting over dark colors. For example, chocolate is very popular at the moment. Regardless of the color you choose, pergolas can filter light and prevent your tan from baking in the hot summer sun.

2017 Pergola Trends

Motorized, Remote-controlled, Louvered Covers

With the push of a button, people lounging beneath their pergolas can control which way the sun shines its harmful rays. It’s no wonder that motorized, remote-controlled, louvered pergola covers are growing in popularity.

2017 Pergola Trends

Low-Maintenance Aluminum with Wood Embossment

Pergolas are for leisure, but not having to put as much time and effort into their upkeep is a luxury. Aluminum with wood embossment is a popular choice because it doesn’t resemble the cheap look of other low-maintenance options like some vinyl or fiberglass. What really sets aluminum apart is that it comes with an embossed wood grain that looks like the real thing. However, it does not require painting or staining.

2017 Pergola Trends

Temperature Control

Summer nights can be cold, but the best barbecues last long a er dark. To ensure everybody is having a good time, folks are attaching infrared heaters to their pergolas to keep their friends and family members from getting too chilly. Conversely, people are also installing ceiling fans to help control heat on summer days.

2017 Pergola Trends

Large, Square Columns

Right angles are in. People in the Midwest are going for a classic look with large, square columns on their pergolas. To keep their pergolas from looking too similar to the ones in their neighbors’ backyards, trendsetting Midwesterners opt for different sized columns. Other popular trends include tapered, paneled and stone columns.

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