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This month, Lindsey Christie of Lindsey Grace Interiors has a few tips to share, which she has demonstrated for us using samples from one of her recent projects in West Fargo.

Photos by Hillary Ehlen and Lindsey Christie

Designing the exterior of your home can be intimidating. There’s a lot to it that most people don’t think about until the very last minute–siding, trim, shingles, fascia, lighting, columns, corbels and more. This month, Lindsey Christie of Lindsey Grace Interiors has a few tips to share, which she has demonstrated for us using samples from one of her recent projects in West Fargo–the Sheyenne River House.

Introducing Lindsey Grace Interiors

Lindsey Grace Interiors

Lindsey Christie is originally from Grand Forks, but lived in Fargo while attending NDSU. After graduating with a degree in interior design, Christie worked for an interior design company in Minneapolis before relocating to Fargo to be with her now-husband, Jared. After settling in, Christie decided to start Lindsey Grace Interiors and has been taking clients since November 2017.

Exterior Insight

Christie is currently working on a project called the Sheyenne River House. “It is a new construction project that the client began before hiring me in January to help with the finishes, including fixtures, decor and lighting,” Christie explained.

Lindsey Grace Interiors

Option 1: Charcoal LP Smartside Siding
Lindsey Grace Interiors

Option 2: White LP Smartside Siding
Lindsey Grace InteriorsLindsey Grace Interiors

Natural wood and stone will be used as accents against the white siding on the Sheyenne River House.

Using the Sheyenne River House as an example, here are five things that Christie likes to tell her clients when selecting exterior finishes:

1. Think about what you’ll love driving up to every day.

Christie tells clients to ask themselves, ‘What do I want to come home to,’ or ‘What have I always imagined?’ For example, her client from the Sheyenne River House was going back and forth between charcoal and white for the exterior of her two-story home. She ended up going with a classic white for the siding, which will be accented with natural wood and gorgeous stone. “Ultimately, the deciding factor was that she wanted something classic,” Christie said.

2. Detail makes or breaks an exterior.

For example, the Sheyenne River House will feature vertical, horizontal and board & batten siding. It will also feature black shingles, black hardware and a front door with a dark stain for contrast.

3. Narrow down your inspiration photos.

Between Pinterest and Instagram, it is easy to find inspiration. However, visiting a showroom with five photos in mind instead of fifty-five will help you find what you’re looking for much faster. Luckily, the Sheyenne River House client knew exactly what she wanted when walking into showrooms with Christie.

4. Exterior lighting is huge.

Lindsey Grace InteriorsLindsey Grace Interiors

Exterior lighting is another factor that can make or break the exterior of a home that you might not normally consider without a professional there to point it out. For the Sheyenne River House, Christie is providing her client with outdoor lighting fixtures, including carefully placed wall lanterns and hanging pendants.

5. Don’t be afraid to rely on professionals.

Builders usually have a preference when it comes to materials, and Christie always asks for their feedback before recommending finishes to the client. Although her main role is to help coordinate interior and exterior selections, a big part of her job is to communicate the client’s wants and needs to the architect and to the general contractor and make things easier for the builder. Whenever possible, it is nice to be able to rely on the professionals for something as important as the exterior of your house.


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