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Rosewild is Providing a Seat for the Community

‘Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere.’ That’s a phrase you hear a lot, and while yes, it’s a great marketing slogan, it has truth to it. When you find a spot that serves great food and delicious drinks, AND offers a space that checks all of the boxes for your perfect hang-out location, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

That prize might just be in the heart of downtown Fargo, between ice cream shops and pizza joints, under the skywalks decorated with art, with a beautiful towering building on one side and the stretch of grass and oddly infatuating red spinning chairs to the other. If you’ve visited this downtown square in all of its summertime glory, you’ve heard the chatter, laughs, and occasional musical instrument, and last summer, for the first time, you saw a patio along Broadway with floor-to-ceiling windows adorning “Rosewild.” Back again this summer, the Rosewild patio offers an experience that truly champions that idea: ‘Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere.’

“The patio is a lively space designed to be enjoyed socially. With the adjacent Broadway Square green space, there are plenty of opportunities for live entertainment while you dine or enjoy libations,” Director of Lifestyle at Jasper Emily Olsen said.

The patio offers a truly local experience, all the way down to the ingredients. Year-round you’ll find that the Rosewild menu is filled with dishes that use produce sourced from local growers and farmers, and the summer menu is no different—well, maybe it is, for the better.

“The summer menu is something we’re always looking forward to at Rosewild, but this year, in particular, is going to be special,” Executive Chef of Rosewild Jordan Hayes said. “We’re leading the season off with preserved summer produce from last year to get a truly Nordic-inspired seasonal menu… It’s going to be a fully curated, hyper-seasonal menu centered around fresh vegetables, fermented spring vegetables, and the wood fire that we inspire all of our menus with.”

Chef works with many local farmers to build the menus. In the dishes, you’ll find a mix-match of ingredients from different farm operations including: Dig It Produce, Doubting Thomas Farms, Seed to Spore, and Earth to Jar Botanicals.

“I felt inspired by the long wait through winter. Being in my first year in Fargo, I was already planning for the following spring/summer before winter hit,” Chef said. “I started the confit of tomatoes and canning them, fermenting radishes, roasting chiles, etc. …
I wanted to start off the season with things that we would normally need to wait for, as a taste of last year. Getting to feature some of my favorite preservation techniques in an ergonomic fashion was really exciting.”

After experiencing a bit of what Chef described as “lake exodus” last summer, this season’s menu includes a kit to get the best of both worlds! The Al Fresco Kit brings a taste of Rosewild’s seasonal menu, right to your own grill.

Want to hear a secret? Rosewild is rolling out another special summer menu for the late-nighters…

“We’re excited to announce our late- night summer menu inside the lounge,
7 days a week with new hours from 10 p.m.-midnight. We’ll be running the wood fire late, grilling sausages, and offering a whole array of different meat skewers like pork seccreto, chicken thigh, shaved beef tenderloin, cod filets, shrimp, and vegetables all with their own glazes, and house-made ferments. Get as many as you want with some great cocktails all the way until midnight!” – Chef Jordan

“It has a six-pack of three types of sausage (fully cooked); smoked beef kielbasa, smoked chicken with thyme and apple butter, and a ginger and chile bratwurst (with preserved chiles from last season). To go great with all of those sausages are things like house-made sauerkraut from last season, a spicy Curtido (which is similar to kimchi), and a couple of seasonal house-made mustards. There are also a couple of dips to hold you and your group over while you cook the sausages—our Rosewild onion dip and pimento cheese spread, which come with chips and crackers. Just to make it easier, we send a cooking instruction card that covers some different ways to cook them. It’s a quick grab-and-go that just takes minutes to swing by and get and it will feed about 4-6 people with no fuss,” Chef Jordan said.

Whether you’re enjoying the summer in the city or out on the lake, you can dine as you would right next to Broadway Square… but, you know, there’s nothing like having a seat right in the core of the community.

Patio dining is first-come, first-served, however, email [email protected] for full-patio reservations for private events!


Address: 215 Broadway N, Downtown Fargo

Phone: (701) 532-5170


Facebook: /rosewildfargo

Instagram: @rosewildfargo


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