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How Weyer Companies is building a lasting, impactful brand in Fargo

About Weyer

Since founding Weyer Companies in 2012, Owner Shawn Weyer’s mission has been to build a company run by a rockstar team. 12 years later, Weyer’s paintbrush has made its stroke on the community, and continues to expand. We sat down with Weyer to learn more about what all Weyer Companies has to offer, its culture, why it’s a great place to work, and more.

shawn weyer
Shawn Weyer CEO, Weyer Companies

“There was just a need in the market for the trade that I know very well,” Weyer said, who’s had experience in the industry since age 13. Weyer’s commitment was intense, with only about 15 days off in the first five years. However, this period was fueled by his love for the process and substantial support from his wife and others who believed in him to succeed.

Over the years, the vision for Weyer Companies has evolved. “I always strive for continuous improvement,” Weyer said. His current aim is straightforward yet ambitious; to build a company that not only thrives under a remarkable team but also outlives his own tenure.

What Sets Weyer Apart

Weyer Companies operates under three main divisions: Weyer-for-Hire, Property Painting, and the Drywall Division. Weyer takes pride in the specialty applications of Weyer-forHire, which handles mainly residential homes varying in range, from accent walls to high-end detailed millwork finishing. Property Painting focuses on painting projects for rentals and property management companies, while the Drywall Division deals with large-scale new construction and repair work in both residential and commercial settings. Additionally, a management team oversees the company’s subcontracting work, ensuring efficiency and quality across all sectors.

At the core of Weyer Companies’ success is a focus on the people, both in the team and among their clientele. “Our competitive edge, I think, is really about the people,” Weyer said. This people-first approach is integral to their full-service strategy, aiming to deliver a memorable customer experience, while helping team members reach their goals.

Weyer underlines the importance of reliability and integrity in their business practices. “I’ve always lived by doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it,” he said. This principle has been fundamental to the company’s reputation and growth, establishing trust and reliability as hallmarks of their service.

The foundation of Weyer’s company culture is formed by these six core values:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • The ‘It Factor’
  • Accountability
  • Reputation
  • Trust

A Fun, Thriving Company Culture

From the moment a new employee steps through the door, they are greeted with a family-like atmosphere. The company places a strong emphasis on creating a communal environment. A typical day starts with employees gathering in the break room, enjoying breakfast and good music, fostering a sense of togetherness before they head off to their respective projects. Teams, varying in size, work closely together, which reinforces the company’s commitment to teamwork and collaboration.

Celebration and recognition are integral to the company culture at Weyer Companies. Weyer explains, “We celebrate milestones and accomplishments over the week.” Other celebrations extend beyond the workplace, with company lunches, events like annual Christmas parties at Kingpinz, and more.

A notable aspect of the company culture is the focus on team bonding and reflection. Past examples include leadership trips, retreats, and extra full days off for the company Weyer also offers competitive benefits to his employees, paid time off, and more.

Weyer emphasizes the significance of a positive attitude, urging his team to be uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring to others. “We all influence the moods. So be uplifting, smile, encourage, and inspire others,” he said.

Teamwork is another pillar, with an expectation for team members to be reliable and collaborative. Weyer also speaks about the ‘It Factor,’ a unique attribute he believes everyone possesses, whether it be charisma or artistic talent. “It’s my job to help bring that out,” he said.

Accountability and owning up to mistakes are critical for growth and learning, according to Weyer. He also places immense value on reputation, seeing it as crucial to protect and build the trust that his company has established over the years.

Last but not least, trust, in Weyer’s view, is the cornerstone of Weyer’s values. He draws parallels with insights from Navy SEALs, noting the danger of high skill coupled with low trust.

The Academy: Building A Powerhouse Team

As Weyer continues to grow, so does Weyer’s need for new team members. In order to build a lasting team who are true experts in the industry, Weyer Companies has developed a training facility named ‘The Academy.’ This innovative program goes beyond traditional methods, incorporating videos and unique training approaches rarely seen in the industry.

Weyer also notes rewarding and lasting careers in these industries, especially the painting industry, which often gets overlooked.

“These are very sought-after skills—once you learn them, they don’t go away… you can take them with you wherever you go,” Weyer said. In fact, Weyer is looking to fill as many as 30 new positions in 2024.

Weyer’s vision for the next five years is clear: to build on these core values, attract and nurture talent, and continue to revolutionize the industry, proving that there is much more to painting than meets the eye.

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