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The Woodcrest Remodel

Lindsey Grace Interiors, in collaboration with EPIC Homes, successfully created yet another stunning, crisp and refreshing remodel.

Photos by Dan Francis, provided by Lindsey Grace Interiors 

Lindsey Christie of Lindsey Grace Interiors specializes in new construction, remodels and full-service decorating. But perhaps the area she shines brightest in is turning clients into friends and providing them with spaces that truly meet their needs.

The homeowners came to Lindsey Grace Interiors knowing they wanted a new place to call home, but weren’t ready to sacrifice all the memories made in the house they currently were in. So it was time for a remodel of this North Fargo treasure. “They knew they wanted to stay in their home and that they absolutely loved their home, which was part of what made me fall in love with the project so much,” said Christie. “You could just tell that their family loves each other, and their home was a part of that. It was truly where they made memories.”

The clients were excited to keep making memories where they always have, but in a house that fits their style and aesthetic better. The result? “It turned out to be more beautiful than we ever imagined,” said Christie. The client knew they wanted to remodel, but they weren’t sure about the scope of what they wanted to achieve. One aspect where Christie really worked her magic was helping the homeowners figure out the big picture, including pricing and where they would get the most bang for their buck.

“My goal is that my clients sit in their home [in the end], and after they’ve just invested all this money into a big remodel, I don’t want them to sit there and go, ‘What if?'” she said. In the design process, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the daunting details. But Christie ensures that she and her team price out every possibility. This might take some extra time, but she knows it always leaves the client happy and knowledgeable about the possibilities. “At the end of the day, you know that the work you’re doing is what is going to pay off in the end and be the best design for the home,” she added.

The main goal for the whole project was to create a more open space to hang out with the family. At one point, Christie worked alongside EPIC Homes to plan an addition to pitch to the homeowners. “We really explored and looked at all the nooks and crannies of what that would actually get them. What would be worth it to them,” said Christie. “But we decided to utilize the space they already had.” One of Christie’s goals is to always make sure her clients know all the potential their space has and to really ensure they have all options in their hands.

With options in hand, the heart of the remodel ended up being the kitchen, which was a complete gut. This included all new cabinetry by Wendt Custom Cabinets (in Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray), enlarging the island to make it extra-large, moving appliances around and adding in the perfect finishes. One decision Christie was thankful for was the choice to keep the existing ceiling beams and tying them into the overall aesthetic. The dark beams gave the space character, and Christie was able to keep them a part of the home with complementing barstools and floating shelves. This kiss of richness helped add some contrast while also helping the whole space feel cohesive.

While the kitchen was the main focus, this remodel touched almost the whole house, including new flooring and carpeting throughout, opening up their lower level, a master bed and bath update and special finishes here and there. A favorite addition came with the pewter green built-ins on the lower-level, accentuated with stylist gold hardware and shelves styled to perfection. These cabinets were also done by Wendt Custom Cabinets and tie perfectly in with their upstairs, kitchen counterparts. When embarking on any redesign project, it’s important to include the whole scope of the home, so that every space remains cohesive with the whole. You’d hate for just one space to outshine the rest!

When it came to specific inspiration, the homeowners really trusted Christie. One detail the clients leaned into came with inspiration from their recent travels. “They’d been really inspired by some really cool hotels they’d been to. So they were a little bit daring and they trusted me a lot, which I really think speaks to the design as well,” said Christie.

Lindsey Grace Interiors is known for its classic, bright and airy designs. And this signature style certainly is what leads clients to them. While clients come in with some expectations of what they want, they know they can pass the reins to Christie to get the best look possible. “It was a major team effort between us, the contractor and the client. The client really trusted us throughout the entire process, which I think speaks for the beautiful result. They understood that in order for me to really be creative, they had to trust me. And it turned out really really beautiful because of that,” she said.

With the scope determined and the possibilities outlined, Christie turned the project over to one of her frequent collaborators, EPIC Homes. Taylor Belk of EPIC Homes served as the general contractor on the project, helping the team with the engineering and construction parts, taking the reins once the design concept was finalized. Additional collaborators on the project were Wendt Custom Cabinets for the kitchen and lower-level built-ins and Showcase Flooring for the flooring updates throughout.

“The project is super, super near and dear to my heart,” said Christie. And taking a look at the thoughtful details throughout, it sure shows.

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Lindsey Grace Interiors is an interior design consultation firm, specializing in full service decorating, 3D rendering, professional floor planning and new construction & remodel project management. Lead by Lindsey Christie, the owner and principal designer, Lindsey Grace Interiors has a lifelong hunger for design and work in Minneapolis to New York City to show for it. when Lindsey isn’t busy designing thoughtful spaces, she can be found at her 1940’s cape cod home with her shih tzu, Berkley, and her husband Jared. 


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