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Introducing Sokul Surfaces

Design & Living Sokul Surfaces

Birthed from Grand Forks-based Brockmeyer Tile & Stone is Sokul Surfaces, a brand that will change how you think about sinks.

Photos by Gary Ussery, Renderings provided by Sokul Surfaces

Sokul Surfaces

If you’re under the impression that all sinks are created equal, you’re wrong. Showing you a new side of washbasins, Mike Brockmeyer and Carson Hoberg of Brockmeyer Tile & Stone have launched their new business, Sokul Surfaces. 

You’re probably familiar with Brockmeyer Tile & Stone, as they’ve been serving eastern North Dakota, northern Minnesota and surrounding communities since 2001. The Grand Forks-based company is known for being one of the area’s largest natural stone, quartz and tile suppliers, specializing in the selection of materials, fabrication and installation of said materials. 

This process of becoming leaders in the industry lead business owner Mike Brockmeyer to his new avenue: sinks. But these are not your standard sinks. With their new venture, Sokul Surfaces is revolutionizing the way we think about these everyday, essential appliances. 

Sokul has been in business for roughly a year now and has been steadily getting more and more attention. With a new website and marketing plan in the works, Brockmeyer is ready to grow this business even further. 

Design & Living Sokul Surfaces
Design & Living Sokul Surfaces

The vision for Sokul Surfaces as its own brand came about when Brokmeyer Tile & Stone found that a robust sink design they came up with was able to be shipped fairly easily. With that, they saw a chance to grow into their own online business. With nothing quite like it on the market already, this was an opportunity to expand on something unique.

The original idea for the sink design was to make an all-in-one bracket that could be mounted after the wall finishes were done, allowing them to not have to put brackets in the wall before sheetrocking. 

The resulting sink is a wall-hung, “floating” countertop and sink combination that is minimal, with a unique, slanted basin that negates the need for an unsightly drain. “This is essential, especially in ADA situations when the exact height tolerances are very tight,” said Brockmeyer. The fixture can be made of quartz or granite and is available in a number of color variations and finishes to match whatever the client’s style is. “The design is not only meant to be stylish but also easy to install and very strong once it is attached to the wall. It is considered contemporary in design, but I feel it works in many applications,” said Brockmeyer, expanding on its versatility. 

In-house, the Sokul team developed the patent-pending two-piece detachable drain and overflow. This drain allows the sink to be fully maintained and cleaned with ease. According to Brockmeyer, there’s not other trough/ramp-like sink on the market that has this overflow and detachable drain. This integrated frame is the backbone of the product and is what makes it easy for a homeowner to be able to purchase and install on their own, quickly and easily with basic tools. But at the same time, this is no cheap, DIY product, as the final product is sturdy, being able to hold up to a quarter ton, according to their development tests. 

Design & Living Sokul Surfaces
Design & Living Sokul Surfaces
Design & Living Sokul Surfaces

As for the technical parts, the sink comes with installation brackets built onto the countertop, predrilled with holes at 16″ on center. However, these holes can also be drilled on-site to accommodate stud locations. For the installation, the design uses spring-assisted fasteners to keep the sink level and prevent sagging, also allowing it some “give” for if weight is to be applied to it. The sink also comes with pre-drilled faucet holes marked with color-coded stickers so you can use any type of faucet configuration. 

“I feel we have a truly one-of-a-kind product that not only looks great, but is easy to install. Trough/ramp sinks are not new to the sink industry, but ours coupled with the overflow, detachable drain and overall skeleton make it unique in many ways. They’re actually affordable when compared to a custom-made one from another source, too,” said Brockmeyer. He noted that the sinks’ potential applications are vast, from residential to commercial to hospitality to maritime. And with all the sizes and colors offered, the design is able to fit right into in any size, space or design. 

Overall, bathrooms everywhere are getting more simplistic and modern with their designs. Thanks to Sokul Surfaces, you can elevate your space with ease and style, all with North Dakotan made and designed products. 

Design & Living Sokul Surfaces



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