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Design & Living The Wellness District

Gorgeous offices need love too! Join commercial interior designer Becky Muller as she tours the brand new Wellness District alongside interior designer Monica Hart.

By Becky Muller, Interior Designer at ICON Architectural Group  |  Photos by Kayleigh Omang

The Wellness District
435 32nd Ave. E., West Fargo

The Wellness District first started in September of 2011, when Medical Weight Loss Specialists first opened their doors. Spencer Barry, MD, is the Medical Director of The Wellness District and worked as a Family Physician for 25 years prior to opening the clinic. Seeing so many of his patients struggling with their weight-related health problems, it inspired him to spend more time on the science of obesity to make a difference in his patients’ lives, both physically and emotionally. DermPhilosophy began in May of 2016 and as both clinics’ services expanded and the number of patients climbed, the clinics were combined into their new location in West Fargo in December of 2019. The new space allowed them to add on more aesthetic services as well as adding on a nutrition bar to give not only their weight loss clients, but all members of the Fargo-Moorhead community, a convenient and healthy option for lunch or breakfast on the go!

Design & Living The Wellness District


The Wellness District’s passion and dedication to their patients is what sets them apart in the F/M area for all of your aesthetic or medical weight loss needs. Providing care to all genders and ages, services on the medical side include creating personalized nutritional programs, metabolic detox, lipotropic injections and KE diet plans. On the aesthetic side, they provide Botox, dermal fillings, body contouring, Coolsculpting, Colorescience and skincare services. Their StrongPour Nutrition Bar supplies healthy meals, snacks and beverages that leave their clients feeling replenished, both physically and mentally. Their grocery section carries many specialty brands and their shakes were all designed by their Licensed Registered Dietician, Samantha Koepp. All of these services have allowed the staff at the Wellness District to help over 5,000 patients become happier, healthier and feel more confident in their bodies.

Design & Living The Wellness District


With three businesses under one roof, it was important in the design for each to have a distinct look, yet feel cohesive as one space. Interior Designer, Monica Hart of Monica Hart Interior Design, Inc. was hired to create a beautiful and approachable space that was comfortable for both men and women. The overall color palette included shades of blue, white, green, black and warm grays. The blue in the logo was the first pull of inspiration and they wanted to tie in more colors found in nature to give an organic feeling in the public spaces. 

For the aesthetic side of the clinic, the design team wanted it to feel a little more glamorous. They used high-end wall coverings in the hallways and each aesthetic room has a fun accent wall and decorative light fixtures. For the Medical Weight Loss side of the clinic, they desired an understated medical feel while still incorporating warm colors and coordinated carpets to not feel too cool. The Nutrition Bar used some of the same finishes while adding their own touches of branding and biophilic elements, a design method that brings the outdoors in. An abundance of natural light, plants that inspire closeness to nature, stone that nods to natural landscapes, light wood-look flooring and dark cabinetry create a modern and organic atmosphere, relating directly to their natural food and beverage selections. 

Design & Living The Wellness District
Design & Living The Wellness District


With the additional space came opportunities for additional growth in multiple areas. They were able to put all of their services under one roof, service more clients at once, add more display space for their weight loss and skin products, a larger Nutrition Bar and grocery space and add on more aesthetic services, including Signature and DiamondGlow facials and a more apt space for CoolSculpting.

The Wellness District plans to continue the growth of its services with the ever-changing needs of its clients. Now that they are moved into their new space and fully functioning, Hart and the ownership team have a few more walls where they want to add additional artwork and some before/after photos in both the aesthetic and medical weight loss sides. Doing this, they hope to inspire their patients further while designing with their own success stories. 

Design & Living The Wellness District
Design & Living The Wellness District


The Wellness District’s new space is not only beautiful and approachable, but practical for the services that they provide. The design is stylish and functional, but also comprehensive for the three businesses that are combined as a one-stop-shop for all weight loss needs. However, with changing times and today’s technology, they have now opened their online walk-in clinic. Anyone can visit with their physician from the comfort of their own home.

It is the goal of The Wellness District to enhance their clients’ health, wellness and natural beauty while providing safe and high-quality care, weight loss education and modern aesthetic services. And now they have a gorgeous new space to help their clients look and feel their absolute best!

Architect: Dovetail Development
Project Management: Meridian Property Management
Interior Designer: Monica Hart Interior Design
Artwork: Monica Hart Interior Design
Furniture: Melissa LaBay at InterOffice
Flooring: J&J Flooring Group – Invision
Cabinetry: Braaten Cabinets


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