Making A House Holiday-Ready

This time of year often brings many guests into the home. Here, the HBA-FM provides five things to make sure you do to make your home ready for the holidays.

By John Gunkelman, Dakota Construction of Fargo, Inc., Home Builders Association of F-M President
Gunkelman is the current Home Builders Association of F-M president. He owns Dakota Construction of Fargo, Inc., specializing in custom homes, commercial remodeling and residential remodeling.

For many of us who own homes, this time of year means opening doors and arms to visiting family and friends. It’s a time to come together in a merry and warm setting, spending time making memories, reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to 2020.

No doubt, ensuring that guests feel welcome and comfortable in our homes is a priority. Home Builders Association of F-M members and resources can help. Just check out the blog and member directory at

Here are my top five items to check off your to-do list this month:

1. Traction

The first thing your family and friends will do is park on your driveway, walk up the sidewalk and onto your porch to ring the doorbell, probably carrying gifts and luggage. Make sure that all those surfaces are clear of ice and snow and be sure to care properly for your concrete (no salt)!

2. Cozy

Show some love to your furnace and fireplace by getting them serviced, making certain they will keep your home toasty while the wind blows and the snow falls outside. 

3. Clean

Hire some elves, also known as professional cleaners. They’ll make sure your home is spic and span so you can focus on details in the guest bedrooms and bathrooms, and most importantly, the menu!

4. Tidy

Speaking of guest rooms, do your closets make you cringe? Are they bursting at the seams? Hire a pro to give you some options for updating shelving and storage systems for some cold-weather organizational therapy.

5. Peak Performance

Nobody enjoys washing dishes for hours, and the last thing you want is an oven, fridge or freezer failing with a houseful of hungry people. Get them all checked ahead of time. Or, maybe this is the perfect excuse to finally upgrade an appliance or two! 

These to-dos are just a few items and services that HBA of F-M members provide. They’re local, knowledgeable and accessible, just waiting to help with all the holiday preparation you can think up. Find them at We have over 150 categories to pinpoint the service or product you want. Remember, winter is also prime time to plan and get on the professionals’ lists for home and yard projects in warmer months!

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