Bremer’s Remodeled Fargo Branch Represents Its Modern, Community Focus

Bremer Bank

Two years ago, Bremer Bank started rethinking how it could best meet the changing needs of its customers and communities. A renewed focus on the bank’s digital capabilities and physical branch design emerged, with a special emphasis placed on reimagining how it could best serve customers in its community.

Reception area

The freshly remodeled Fargo location is the first Bremer branch to benefit from this innovative new design, and its customer-focused update is evident the moment you step through the door. Partner tables have replaced the traditional teller lines in the bright and inviting reception area and full-service community space is open for local organizations to use at no cost. The redesign allows Bremer to live out its purpose of cultivating thriving communities.

“Our goal is to remove any perceptions that a bank is stale and impersonal,” said Andi Burkhart, Consumer Banking Manager. “This new design allows us to be welcoming and collaborative while still being professional and confidential when needed.”

Coffee Bar

To the left of the reception area lies a Bremer coffee bar offering free, local coffee from Fargo-area businesses that rotates a new local brand to taste every two weeks. Comfortable chairs and workspaces designed for all visitors to use run parallel to the welcoming reception area.

“This is a space we want people to feel comfortable coming to hunker down for a while,” said Burkhart, North Dakota Region Consumer Banking Manager. “We want this to be a place for people in the community, not just our customers

Breakout area
If a more private area is still needed, there are a number of breakout rooms throughout the bank where clients can discuss their needs with a Bremer team member.
Conference Room

Streamlined technology and upgraded monitors are seamlessly equipped throughout the entire building. Each room is screen-sharing capable and features a full speaker system, making the spaces valuable resources for the Fargo community to access, gather and collaborate.

Training Room

That streamlined technology can also be found in the Lee Frigen training room, a state of the art and spacious are where all desks are easily moveable, allowing for greater customization of the space to meet a gathering’s specific needs.


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