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Through her blog, Sifa, as she likes to be called, has touched thousands of lives with her useful, interesting, and informative content.

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Why Picked Wasifa

Wasifa Hasan, owner of Sifa’s Corner, is a beauty/ makeup and chronic illness blogger living in Fargo-Moorhead. Through her blog, Sifa, as she likes to be called, has touched thousands of lives with her useful, interesting, and informative content.

She is a dental surgeon, a mother, a writer for multiple local publications, a blogger, and a social media influencer— accomplishing all of that while living with a chronic pain disorder.

4 Health Hacks for Fargo

1. Be active.

” Whether you are staying indoors or outdoors, I have found that being active is the best way to eliminate winter lethargy and the depression it brings. Even some quick stretches to get your heart moving can work wonderfully.”

“She is right, you definitely don’t have to do anything crazy with your workout routine. However, consistency is key and you should try to do something every single day. Even if it is just a walk.” – Brady Drake, Editor

2. Talk to Someone.

“Whether it’s a friend, family member, or therapist; talking about your feelings to someone who truly understands can help you mentally. You can even find an online community where people have chronic illnesses and share your everyday ups and downs with them. I found my community and made good friends through blogging and online content creation and it made the whole situation more bearable.”

3. Get Massage.

“Getting massages or going to a chiropractor can assist in managing a chronic condition, especially if you are in pain most of the time.”

“These two services are underutilized by the majority of people in my opinion. Yes, they can be expensive, but the benefits are amazing! My favorite chiropractor I have found is Dr. Dockter at Venture Chiropractic ( and my favorite massage therapist is Gavin Fitterer at Active Recovery Massage (” – Brady Drake, Editor

4. Find a Hobby.

“I believe in occupying my mind with productive thoughts and that’s how my journey as a blogger began 13 years ago. Find your passion and invest your time in that whether it’s painting, makeup, doing TikTok videos, or gardening.”

Wasifa’s Places to Go

1. Chapter Aesthetic Studio

“You can get a variety of treatments from a team of experts specializing in the clinical practice of face, body, and skin treatments like injectables, body contouring, laser hair removal, facials, pharmaceutical-grade skincare, and more!”

2. West Acres Mall

“I love that my 7-year-old daughter and I can have fun together when we go to the mall. They have lots of sitting areas around the mall. So whenever my pain gets the better of me, I can just sit back and take a breath.

3. Caribou Coffee

“I LOVE coffee and one of my most visited coffee shops is this 4 one. You can grab your coffee, sit down, and work on your computer over there. I have written some of my best articles while working from Caribou.”

Did You Know?
Caribou Coffee was founded in Minnesita!

4. Acapulo Mexican Restaurant

“My family and I like to explore different cuisines. For Mexican food, I love Acapulco. The food is delightful and the servers are sincere and gracious. My kids can enjoy, make noises, and we always leave with leftovers!”

Wasifa Approved

1. Real Good Bath and Body Bath Bombs

“Nothing beats a warm bath after a long day, especially when you have chronic pain. I love Real Good Bath Bombs—these do not have harsh chemicals. And also the variety? chef’s kiss.”

2. GuruNanda HaloXL Ultrasonic Humidifier & Diffuser

“My essential oil diffuser and humidifier combo are two of the most used gadgets around my house, especially during winter. It boosts my mood and also takes care of winter dryness.”

3. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

“Though it says ‘daily use,’ I use it twice a week and I am left with smoother skin every time without any irritation. I always follow up with a thick moisturizer afterward.”

4. Acidic Bonding Concentrate

“I absolutely love the whole Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate line. These products are miracle workers for dry, rough, and damaged hair.”

Wasifa’s Picks


“How Are You, Really?” by Jenna Kutcher – “I just started reading this one and am already in love!”


Elevated You Podcast by Kay Coté – “Kayla has created a wonderful platform through her podcast and I love to listen to her.”


Trestique Makeup Kit – “If you are confused about what to use while getting ready in the morning, this kit is perfect for you. You can customize your kit according to your skin color and add your favorite face, lip, and eye products. The products perform excellently. They are also easy to apply and travel-friendly.”


Ulta Beauty Fargo – “Some retail therapy never hurts! I love Ulta for its various collection of skin, hair care, and makeup products. You can also get your hair done or do your brows here.”


What is the most difficult thing about living with your condition in Fargo?

Living with a chronic pain condition is always a little bit difficult, especially around wintertime. So, I have to adjust a lot of things when I need to go out in colder months. But Fargo’s summer is the best! I enjoy going out and walking around the downtown area. I only wish there were more sitting areas around downtown for people with physical limitations.

What is it like living with your chronic condition? And, if you could give three tips to someone living in a situation similar to yours, what would they be?

I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. To quote Mayo Clinic,”Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) are compressed. This can cause shoulder and neck pain and numbness in your fingers.”

I have gone through numerous surgeries, physical therapy, and other treatments for the past 17+ years to manage the condition. Nowadays, living with my chronic condition means I have to deal with arm, neck, and back pain and numbness almost all the time. I also have to prioritize which work I am going to do on a specific day according to my health that day (#SpoonTheory). With trial and error, I can manage my day-to-day work with pain medication and other holistic practices. I have to be mindful of my energy and focus on the positive side of things to get my mind off of the pain and discomfort. My social life is definitely limited, but through my blog and social media, I have found some great friends.

If you have TOS or any chronic pain condition, my top three tips for you are as follows:

1. Manage your workload by dividing it into smaller tasks. If dividing is not an option, then focus on one big task per day. For example, if you are doing grocery shopping and you know your pain is going to get worse that day, take the rest of the day off. Get back to the pending work the next day.

2. Surround yourself with positive-minded and empathic people. We have lots of “down” and depressive days, but when people near us understand our difficulties and support us, it makes the whole process bearable. Remember the proverb, “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow. ”

3. Give yourself grace. As people with invisible illnesses, we are constantly battling with our ailment(s) and pushing ourselves to do more to get back to normal or appear healthy. We may never get back to normal, and it’s okay. Find your new identity, find your new passion. Your illness is not your fault.

What is Spoon Theory?

Spoon Theory is a way of explaining the limited physical and mental energy a person has in a day. This explanation can be extremely useful for peope living with chronic conditions because it allows them to explain to others how they have to be cautious about how their energy is allocated throughout the day.

Do you have any other general wellness tips for people?

The biggest general wellness tip I have is from my primary care physician and she always asks me to “move my body.” Doing gentle stretches, yoga, or just walking helps a lot even though your body is hurting. Take deep belly breaths when the pain gets worse. And last but not least, lighten up. Crank up the music, do a silly dance, or do something else that brings you pure joy. For me, it is playing with makeup. I adore the glitz and glam a simple red lipstick can bring. It makes me feel happy.

What are some health/ beauty options in town that you have utilized that have not already been listed?

I have gone through laser hair removal treatment from Milan Laser Hair Removal and it was so worth it! Their unlimited package is wonderful to keep the pesky unwanted hair at bay and I have one less thing to worry about.

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