Yuletide Carriage Rides With The Red Silo & Rusty K Ranch

The Red Silo carriage rides

For the past three years, the community has enjoyed the seasonal novelty of horse-drawn carriage rides in the weeks leading up to December 25 thanks to a partnership with The Red Silo and Rusty K Ranch.

Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

Picture this: as the snow begins to fall over Downtown Fargo, you and your loved ones are bundled up warm and cozy in a wooden carriage lead by two horses clip clopping their way down Broadway. That is the just the whimsical experience that Bobbi Jo and Todd Cody of The Red Silo hoped to create when they partnered with Rusty K Ranch. For the past three years, the community has enjoyed this seasonal novelty in the weeks leading up to December 25.

The Red Silo carriage rides

Once Again This Year

The Red Silo and Rusty K Ranch are offering carriage rides in Downtown Fargo. Rusty K Ranch is a small ranch located 20 miles southwest of the FM area that is owned and operated by the Kraft family, and the Red Silo is a local business owned and operated by the Cody family.

This novelty carriage ride experience is not only fun for the whole family, but also makes an especially romantic evening for couples. The entire route lasts about 30 minutes and starts at 12 Broadway N. Along the way, patrons pass landmarks such as the historic Fargo Theater and more illuminated by holiday lights.

Bobbi Jo of The Red Silo recommends reserving your seats in advance to ensure that there is enough room for your party in the 16 seat carriage. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for children. To reserve tickets, simply call or visit The Red Silo. The carriage will be in town on December 6, 13 and 20 and rides will be offered at 6:00, 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. on those evenings, depending on weather conditions.

The Red Silo carriage rides

Our Tips For You

To make the most of your experience, this is what we here at Design & Living suggest you bring.

Warm clothing: Bring your warmest winter coat, knit hat, mittens and woolen socks. An oversized scarf is also a must—plaid or buffalo check preferred for inevitable photo ops!

A camera: You, your loved ones and a horse and carriage in Downtown Fargo. This is major Christmas card material.

Warm drinks: A large thermos full of hot cocoa or another similar beverage can be passed between loved ones to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, despite the colder temps.

Blankets: Rusty K Ranch provides blankets for during the ride, but you can make yourself feel even more at home with your favorite photogenic throw.

Cheer: Sometimes, a sense of cheer is all it takes to make the season bright. Above all, make sure to enjoy the evening with your loved ones, photos or no photos!

The Red Silo carriage rides

The Red Silo

12 Broadway N Fargo



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