Meet the Design Professional: Skye Fingalson | Owner/Interior Designer, Design 2 Sell at The Lakes

With over 18 years of design experience, Valley City, ND native Skye Fingalson is no rookie to the interior design world.

Photos By Josiah Kopp

About Skye

With over 18 years of design experience, Valley City, ND native Skye Fingalson is no rookie to the interior design world. She is the owner of both Design 2 Sell at the Lakes, her interior design firm, as well as Allure, a home decor shop in Detroit Lakes that opened in the fall of 2022, and is also the owner of a super-fun Airbnb property on Big Detroit Lake.

Making big waves in Detroit Lakes area, as well as in the Red River Valley, Skye has volunteered through several local organizations, received the Best Customer Service Award in the Best of the Lakes area, and has been featured in many publications.

Featured Project: Riverside Escape on Big Detroit

The Riverside Escape project is a vacation rental property that Skye and her husband recently renovated and brought to life. They purchased the property in July of 2022, began renovating it at the end of 2022, and the home is now completed and up and running. The Riverside Escape on Big Detroit sits on a beautiful city lot where the Pelican River runs right through the yard and filters out into Big Detroit Lake. “Our goal was to make this property feel like a tropical getaway,” Skye said. “We wanted it to be extraordinary and differentiate it from any other vacation rental in our area.”

Walking through the bright pink door to enter the home, you will first step foot into the unique kitchen that features dimensional gold star-shaped pendants, blue cabinets, and live edge floating shelves. The colorful artwork selected for the home is bold, fun, and unique, immediately making you feel like you’re on vacation.

Incorporating distinctive furniture for all to enjoy adds an entertaining experience while staying at this unique home. “We wanted guests to be able to visit an eccentric atmosphere,” Skye said. “Planning a vacation is all about staying somewhere that is fun! Interior design is meant to be unique and so often can be too serious. Bringing in color, fun textures, bold wallpapers, and funky furniture are all part of the aesthetic.”

All three of the bathrooms in the Riverside Escape host individual flair. Featuring fetching tile with gorgeous mirrors, attractive lighting, and daring wallpaper, each bathroom is determined to bring you an independent experience.

Entertainment at its finest is provided throughout this vacation home. A large 9-foot kitchen island, a dining room table featuring a fun booth seat, and two large family room areas are sure to host a multitude of friends and family. Grab a friend and channel your inner childhood by playing Foosball, Pac-Man, or Connect Four in the open-concept game room!

Skye’s 3 Hacks For Decorating Your Home

#1 Use wallpaper on accent walls

“Using wallpaper to give you that dimensional look on an accent wall draws your attention to that wall and looks very realistic. Some you have to touch to believe!”

#2 Wall art that inspires

“Select wall art that really speaks to you. Ask yourself why you love that particular piece and what about it makes you happy.”

#3 Select your lighting with ambiance in mind

“Lighting is everything, so when you’re designing any space, put extra thought into your lighting sources and how it will affect the ambiance at night.”

“Never be afraid to invigorate your life with bold colors and patterns that bring you joy.” – Skye Fingalson

Skye’s Local Recommendations

Northern Stone

“They are so great to work with. There is a variety of product options in various price ranges to fit any project’s needs and budget.”

Clearwater Custom Cabinets

“The best part of working with them is how they approach every project, big or small, with the utmost respect and quality, and they pay very close attention to all the details. They are willing to find a solution that works for any unique project.”

JDP Electric

“They provide top-notch quality work. They always offer their professional suggestions, are willing to answer any questions, and do their best to achieve the design goal set forth.”

Thoreson Plumbing

“They are timely and very professional. They make sure no detail is missed and they strive to provide the best service.”

Carpet World

“They have the most current trends in their products and are always very cognizant of the details needed for any design challenge.”

Q&A with Skye Fingalson

What is being an interior designer in the Lakes area all about to you?

With over 400 lakes within a 20-mile radius of Detroit Lakes, being an interior designer in the Detroit Lakes area is all about curating a home away from home. Homeowners tend to go in one of two directions— coastal or woodland—and our team at Design 2 Sell can create just that.

What are some of your favorite activities to enjoy in the Lakes area with your husband and kids?

Detroit Lakes is the definition of summer, and living on the north shore of Big Detroit Lake, our favorite summer activities include pontooning, grilling on the deck, hosting, visiting the flea market, and eating at the many amazing restaurants.

How would you describe your special flavor as a designer? Why is Detroit Lakes the perfect place to play into that style?

When people ask me what my personal style is when designing homes, my answer is always “eclectic with a modern flair.” I’ve never been afraid to incorporate various elements into a space as well as add color. I am bright and colorful, and I love to create a beachy, fun vibe. Being known to push the limits and get clients out of their “safety zones,” I’ve been able to show them that it is okay to take certain design risks in their homes.

You are quite the entrepreneur! You have your interior design firm, a home decor shop, and now an Airbnb property. What would you like to add to your resume next?

I have many various goals and I’ve always been the kind of person who just wants to keep climbing. I’ve never been one to stay stale and be completely content with where I’m at because I’ve always felt that there is so much more to do in this life that I haven’t accomplished yet. If you’re not constantly setting new goals, you’ll always stay in the same boat or on the same step on the ladder. My personal future goals include my own HGTV show, opening a second location, and building spec homes. I am currently researching what I need to know to fulfill one or all of these.

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