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Here Are the Artists Behind the Utility Box Wrap Project, and A Sneak Preview of Their Wraps!

Here Are the Artists Behind the Utility Box Wrap Project, and A Sneak Preview of Their Wraps!

Anna Lassonde

Gone Fishing

“The inspiration behind the painting ‘Gone Fishing’ was our lake, Detroit Lake! I wanted to paint a fisherman’s fantasy. He’s paddling out in the lake to go fishing one morning and he is just surrounded by all kinds of colorful fish!”

Darlene Harrison

Experiencing Detroit Lakes II

“The design is named ‘Experiencing Detroit Lakes’—I grew up in Detroit Lakes until I moved to Chicago. I now get to visit DL every year as a tourist and experience all of the seasons and activities available. I created this piece to show visitors what fun there is to have year around.”

Marin Westrum

Minnesota Flowers

“My Inspiration for this project was to highlight the plethora of beautiful and individually unique flowers and plants that grow native or wild in Minnesota. I wanted to inspire people to look at their surroundings and to keep an eye out for some of these flowers because when you spot one, you cannot help but marvel at it.”

Shakuntala Maheshwari

Winter with Blooming Orchids

“The inspiration behind Orchids comes from a personal experience and a desire to capture and preserve a beautiful moment in my life. In the midst of a long and cold Minnesota winter, I witnessed my orchids blooming. These delicate flowers emerged with long stems, adorned with six to seven vibrant blooms each. Their presence brought warmth and happiness to my winter days.”

Kara Schumann

Worm’s View

“As I was raising my family and running my interior decorating business, La De Da Decor and Design, LLC, I lost track of my art, only dabbling now and again to create a piece for clients. Recently, I have found my way back to my love of the arts and I spent over a year working on abstract techniques working with acrylics, alcohol inks, and watercolors. My love of color and flowers are major influences in my art and are the inspiration behind ‘Worm Views.’ The lakes area is full of beautiful wildflowers in and around our lakes and forests and I love to use them as inspiration.”

Kent Estey

Summer Sunset No. 1, Best of Times

“Inspiration for [this artwork] comes from walking out my front door. I’ve lived on the same property my entire life, so I am forever grounded in this space. It’s what I know best, so my artwork is all about what I see daily. I wait for that moment that says, ‘Paint this.’ I try to honor those moments, those spiritual pieces of time, on canvas.”

Jessica Drestch

The Fabulous Four Seasons

“The Fabulous 4 Seasons depicts the beloved birch, in abstract technicolor. They are such an intelligent and symbolic tree—I can’t help but compare them to ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. Because they’ve given us so much, both physically and spiritually, I wanted to honor them in grand fashion. It just so happens they’re so fun to paint!”


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