Meet Rebekah Koenig, Design Specialist at Enclave Development

Rebekah Koenig is a 27-year-old Design Specialist at Enclave in West Fargo


Rebekah Koenig is a 27-year-old Design Specialist at Enclave in West Fargo. Originally from the small town of Dent, MN, she moved to Fargo to further her education and graduated in 2016 with a degree in Business, Marketing, Management and Sales.

Rebekah accidentally fell into design when she applied for a marketing position with a local home builder and ended up taking the design assistant position. A few years later, she and her husband bought a house in Horace and spent eight months completely renovating the interior to make it their home. Fast forward another year and she joined Enclave’s team as a Design Specialist and has felt at home since day one with an incredible team.

At Enclave, Rebekah and her team specialize in multi-family, mixed-use, commercial and industrial spaces. As a fully integrated company, they have the unique ability to act as developer, contractor and property manager which allows them involvement in every aspect of a project for unparalleled results. Outside of collaborating on designs with her team and partners, Rebekah focuses her time on establishing budgets and furnishing Enclave’s multifamily and mixed-use projects.

Rebekah understands that making design decisions can be overwhelming. She can not only help guide those decisions to create a positive experience but will do so in a way that maximizes your investment for the long term. Furthermore, a well-designed space doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive furnishings or fixtures, and she can provide creative strategies to achieve desired end results. Her role is to understand the use for the space, how you want to feel in the space, and planning how to accomplish those objectives through thoughtful planning.

“If you take time to dive into [your imagination], some pretty fun and inspirational ideas can come to fruition”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

Traveling is a big source of inspiration for Rebekah. She loves soaking in the surroundings of not only the cities and buildings themselves but also the history of the land and locations as well as learning the stories behind them. “There hasn’t been one specific person who has inspired my creativity, but rather it has been my surroundings and the way I was raised that allowed my creative side to flourish,” said Rebekah. “I was raised to use my imagination and if you take time to dive into that, some pretty fun and inspirational ideas can come to fruition—it’s limitless.” Rebekah loves creating spaces that people look forward to spending time in; a space where they feel comfortable, motivated and inspired. Her lasting hope is that the spaces she creates are ones that no matter who you are, where you’re from.


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