Meet Linda Birmingham, Owner at Designingwomen2

Linda Birmingham

Linda Birmingham started her journey in decorating and design at Scheels Home and Hardware around 1995.


Linda Birmingham started her journey in decorating and design at Scheels Home and Hardware around 1995. She and Julie Erickson teamed up and eventually, the two of them branched out to start Visual Coordinations, where their focus was to “use what you have” when decorating homes. Linda still loves incorporating personal items into a design plan, but when Designingwomen2 was born as a marriage between Visual Coordinations and Aesthetic Interiors, she began to add quality custom furnishings into the mix.

“I’m lucky to have found my passion in life, helping clients dream, design and carry out their personalities throughout their homes,” said Linda. “I like to think of it as putting an outfit together. When you look great, you feel great. It’s the same with your home. Let’s not forget lighting, the jewels of the home.

” What’s discouraging for homeowners is making wrong decisions; placing a fireplace on the wrong wall, choosing flooring or furniture that doesn’t match a family’s needs. The placement and quality of the furniture is a factor often overlooked. Linda’s clients often tell her, “it feels just right” when everything is chosen and placed the best way possible.

“I think we’re fortunate to have so many talented decorators and designers in our community,” said Linda. “The key is finding one you relate with and have fun with. The process should be enjoyable. I truly enjoy working with young parents and empty nesters. I’ve been both. Your homes should be planned with each season of your life in mind.”

“The key is finding [a designer] you relate with and have fun with; the process should be enjoyable”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

When it comes to colors and design trends, Linda loves the fact some color is coming back. She worked in fashion design and then graphic design before working with home interiors, so learning about textures, fabrics, colors and scale inspired Linda from the beginning. “I love a neutral pallet as the foundation with abundant texture,” said Linda. “But let’s throw in a favorite color that can change occasionally.”

Two women come to mind when Linda reflects on her inspirations: her grandmother Inga Peterson who would flip houses with Linda’s grandfather following the Depression, and Julie Alin, who helped kick off her career when Linda was just getting started in the industry, working for Scheels at the time.

At the end of the day, Linda simply wants people to know her as a professional who just wants everyone to have a beautiful home. “I want the stigma to go away that only wealthy people can use designers. Everyone deserves their dream home.”


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