Meet Jessi Larson, Interior Designer at JLG Architects

Jessi Larson

Jessi Larson is a licensed interior designer and LEED Accredited Professional with 15 years of commercial design experience


Jessi Larson is a licensed interior designer and LEED Accredited Professional with 15 years of commercial design experience. She graduated from NDSU in 2007 with an Interior Design Degree. Her career has brought her to architecture firms, interior design firms, and furniture dealerships. In addition to her dream career at JLG architects, Jessi is also a graphic designer, photographer, and certified yoga instructor. She’s inspired by nature, music, travel—and also a good Michael Scott quote.

Jessi handles all aspects of interior design, but she specializes in furniture. Commercial furniture selection tends to be overwhelming for clients, so she works completely in 3D with them…tweaking products and layouts in real-time live design workshops. Jessi and her team at JLG like giving their clients a one-stop-shop experience with architecture, interior design and furniture expertise all under one roof.

“My trifecta of skills in interior design, graphic design and furniture have given me a unique edge throughout my career,” said Jessi. “I’m able to blend all three disciplines to create powerful environments.”

She also highly recommends working with an interior designer versus a decorator, as licensed designers are experienced with life safety codes, building codes, ADA, and more.

A big moment for Jessi’s career is when she had the opportunity to be a presenter at a software conference (CET Experience) in 2021. She took a chance pitching a furniture design software to JLG. “It was a privilege to tell our story on the global stage,” said Jessi. Now, she and her team are one of the only architecture firms in the world that are using it.

“My trifecta of skills has given me a unique edge throughout my career”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

“I’m super excited about the ‘social spaces trend’ —designing spaces to support different personalities and work styles,” said Jessi. “This helps users do better work and have better interactions in their physical space. No longer are users expected to adapt to space; space is now adapting to users.”

For Jessi, nature is her number one inspiration; when it comes to gradients, contrast, texture, color, and mood, nature is king. She also finds inspiration in Art Nouveau. “The bold flowing lines and organic forms are like butter,” said Jessi. “Both graphic and interior design were at their peak!”

Jessi’s goal at the end of the day is about meeting clients needs, all throughout the design process. To her, life is all about relationships and she wants to build great relationships through her career and within the community. “Great relationships result in great projects.”


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