Locally Trending: Wood, Stone & Foliage

The White House Co.

As we watch newly budding leaves begin to open, we are finding ways to bring the feeling of spring into our homes with a few local finds.

Photos by Hillary Ehlen | Before Photo by The White House Co.

Locally Trending is a monthly feature that highlights the high quality home products available at locally owned stores in the FM area. Materials such as natural wood, white stone and leafy greens are this month’s inspiration. With May in full bloom, we can’t help but be inspired by nostalgic moments spring brings to mind. Thoughts of skipping rocks across a pond or taking barefoot steps across freshly-cut grass warm our hearts after a long, drawn-out winter. Now, as we watch newly budding leaves begin to open, we are finding ways to bring the feeling of spring into our homes with a few local finds.

Meet Kayla

Kayla Cote Van Rensburg

Kayla Cote van Rensburg is originally from Willow City, ND, and has made her home in Fargo with her husband, Piet van Rensburg. In 2017, the two founded the local lifestyle Brand, Dak & Co.

Dining Set

The White House Co.

This one-of-a-kind dining set from The White House Co. would be a great way to bring the essence of the outdoors into your home. The White House girls thrifted this Midcentury piece and reupholstered all four seats with luxurious, leafy-green velvet. Featuring gold accents and a unique shape, this set is both chic and charming. Meanwhile, the glass table top adds just a touch of elegance.

Kayla Cote Van Rensburg

The White House Dining Set

Tabletop Items


The White House Co.

The White House Co.

These tabletop items from MINT + BASIL would be perfect for any occasion from a garden party get-together to a casual evening in with family.

The Creative-Co-op dinner plates with a green leaf motif would surely please anyone at your next dinner party.

Dak & Co Spring Inspiration Piece

At Dak & Co, spring has truly inspired us. This is why my husband, Piet, and I created the mini Desk Dak + planter, which would fit perfectly in any home or office, or even as a part of your tabletop display.

Kayla Cote Van Rensburg

Kayla’s Tips

  1. Plan an outdoors-in themed garden party for you and a few friends.
  2. Decorate the Vintage White House Co. Dining set with all your favorite things of spring, including the green glassware from MINT + BASIL.
  3. Fill the be HOME stone + wood cutting board with all of your favorite artisanal cheeses, fruits and nuts.
  4. Serve your guests a delicious meal on the green-leaf-motif dinner plates.
  5. Create memories through food, conversation and a nice bottle of wine.

The White House Co.

A. This be HOME stone + wood cutting board would make a sculptural statement in your kitchen. Use it as a serving platter for a fruit and cheese spread to wow all your guests.
B. To complete the look, pair your cutting board with these wooden be HOME utensils.
C. These glass tumblers would also complement any kitchen display.


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