Locally Trending with Scheels Home and Hardware

We teamed up with Scheels Home and Hardware to share a few local finds that you can incorporate into your home this season.

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

This month, Kim Longtin and Steve Johnson from Scheels Home and Hardware helped us find home goods that will elevate your space for seasons to come. These seasonless trends incorporate something special to your spaces with texture and sheen. In this season where plants in backyards are starting to show themselves again and winter blankets are beginning to be packed back into storage, it’s a time for change. With these changes, it’s natural to want to get out and shop for some edits to the interior of your home. As our region experiences some extreme seasons, it’s tempting to celebrate summer by going bright and colorful. While punches of color are a favorite design option, this month we want to showcase ways to spruce up your home for the season that are beyond just punches of vibrant color (ok fine, we’ll throw some color punches in there, too). 

The Waldorf Chair


This slate-blue snakeskin chair is ideal for both homes and commercial spaces, alike. With a chair like this, it serves as an accent without being too commanding of the room. A texture like this snakeskin adds just the right amount of drama to stand out, but not too much as to be staggering. The chic fabric contrasts with the brushed metallic of its frame, making for a chic, modern piece.

A tip from Scheels: Metallic is coming back, and especially gold. This time around, these metallic finishes are coming in a matte finish, adding a more understated and polished look.

Pom Pom Pillow by Cloud 9


Maddox Pillow by D.V. KAP


Not every accent pillow needs to be vibrant and loud to be a key player in a room. Dramatic textures and more subtle patterns create depth and points of interest in living spaces. The lively texture of the navy pillow will add excitement while the neutral colors of the D.V. KAP pillow create balance. 

Dixon Chair by Rowe Furniture


While florals for spring are expected at this point, it doesn’t mean they don’t get to have their moment each season. Instead of going subtle with bright accents, go all in and make a whole chair your accent piece for the room. 

A tip from Scheels: Patterned accent pillows have morphed into one statement chair or other larger piece. It’s nice to have that one piece that really pops! 

Nakasa Marbelito Vases

$29.99 and $39.99

Metallic and slate grey are a favorite duo of ours lately. The earthy quietness of the gray juxtaposes the glean of the gold metallic, making for a perfect room accent. Both a statement and a neutral, these oversized vases can really tie a room together. 

A tip from Scheels: Check out Scheels’ Smart Style line. This line comes in a more affordable price point, allowing for more regular style or design changes. Typically, with accent pieces like vases, you’d want to purchase more than one, so this more conservative price point allows for that flexibility.

Matryoshka Nesting Tables by Mercana


White Vases

$16.99 and $19.99

Faux Tulips


Sleek and versatile nesting tables are both stylish and practical. Style them stacked to preserve space or separate them out to make for more room for entertaining or displaying fresh flowers. And while on the note of fresh flowers…While we adore bouquets of fresh flowers and wish we could have many all over the house, sometimes that just isn’t practical. A friendly alternative is realistic faux flowers. Freshen up a room that might not get a lot of natural light or keep them in arms reach of pets or children with no dangers. 


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