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Richard Pallay, III, who goes by the stage name 1PrettyRicky, was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is now based out of Fargo, North Dakota.

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Richard Pallay, III, who goes by the stage name 1PrettyRicky, was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is now based out of Fargo, North Dakota. He brings his uniquely LA style to the Midwest, seamlessly blending Hip-Hop, R&B, and House music, creating a feel-good environment and a full dance floor. He’s been digging and discovering treasures since 2017.

1PrettyRicky is a game changer and with his unparalleled determination, he continues to shine bright all throughout the Midwest and around the globe.1PrettyRicky is the future of soul! 1PrettyRicky streams unique shows through Twitch and hosts nonjudgmental environments for events. He also hosts a monthly podcast on Apple Podcasts & Amazon Music called COLOR {house mixes}, where he explores house music through a spectrum of sound.

1Pretty Ricky: By The Numbers

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What’s The Vibe, 1PrettyRicky?

Jasper Hotel

Chill Vibe

The Jasper Lounge has such an eclectic vibe of sights and sounds, and no matter what seat you take, you will be comfortable.”

Rowdy Vibe
“It doesn’t get more rowdy than a Friday or Saturday night out at Dempsey’s Public House. The crowd is SO diverse, the music is loud, the service is fast, and in the heart of downtown, it is the perfect stop on your night out!”

Warm, Loving Vibe
“I love the family environment they create at Deaner’s Diner. Not only do you see patrons of all ages eating their delicious breakfast, but all of the staff seem to enjoy each other like family too. I like that.”

Classy Vibe

Mezzaluna all the way! They have excellent service and they truly are the pinnacle of fine dining in the Fargo-Moorhead area.”

Artsy Vibe

“Go check out Marge’s Bar! How they can pack so much Midwestern nostalgia and coolness into such a small space is amazing. Plus, I feel like there is always something new in there every time I come.”

For Authentic Flavors
“For a location with plenty of authentic flavors, check out Mas Tequila! They serve elevated Mexican cuisine, warm and welcoming service, and if you go, take a look at their “tequila cabinet” for bottles of tequila that you wouldn’t know existed!”

1PrettyRicky’s Perfect Day in Fargo Moorhead


“I love starting my day with some breakfast. I’m making it at home most of the time because breakfast is my absolute specialty. Nevertheless, on the days that I don’t want to cook, I really enjoy Deaner’s Diner. The portions are perfect and I love the familial, feel-good environment that they create there.”


“For a perfect afternoon, I really am seeking out three Ps: Patios, Parks, or Pools. Fargo-Moorhead has some of the best lounging spaces, and enjoying the weather on a restaurant’s patio, in our numerous parks, or at our public pools (or at the splash pads) makes for the best afternoon.


“I love going out to eat and exploring new, interesting types of cuisine. The food options are so plentiful, and my perfect dinner choice will be based on my mood. After a good meal, I would then swing over to Harold’s on Main for karaoke. I love hearing all of the singers, and if my friends are with me, then I am definitely going to get up and sing a song (or three). Lastly, I usually like to close out the evening with some ice cream or a cookie, so before I head home I like to get ice cream from Dairy Queen in Moorhead or Tea & Crepe. Or, if it’s a cookie I am after, then I’m picking up some sweets from Insomnia Cookies.”

1Prettyricky’s Favorite Places to Check Out Music

1. The Aquarium

“I will always continue to recommend The Aquarium to check out live music! They have so many amazing concerts and live performances, and arguably have the most diverse acts and shows in town.”

2. Front Street Taproom

“I love attending the open mic nights at Front Street Taproom. We have some incredibly talented people in our region, and Front Street provides the perfect stage for performers to show off their skills.”

3. Essential Health Plaza at the Lights

“I really enjoy spending time watching concerts at the Essentia Health Plaza at The Lights, especially on a gorgeous day! The music sounds so great and I love the fandom and camaraderie you build almost instantly when you are shoulder-to-shoulder singing back to the artists.”

1PrettyRicky’s Opening and Guest Appearances

JA Rule
DJ Wonder
U Mami
DJ Low Key
Gracie Chavez
DJ Mackswell

Boggie Brown
Don Gordo Cabeza
DJ Lazyboy
Autin Millz
Boston Chery
Tony H
Jon Reyes
Bo Knows Djing and many more!

1PrettyRicky’s Don’t-Miss Events Throughout the Year


“We all know where we live and we know how cold things get, but the Frostival puts the fun back in being cold, and I love how much participation we have from both businesses as well as attendees. It really helps make the winter not seem as long too, because the events usually happen over two months.”

#2 701 Day

“July 1 is 701 Day and there are so many events happening that day to celebrate all things North Dakota. WEAREONE and Camp Lone Tree are partnering to host “701 Day Celebration: Summer Camp” that you don’t want to miss!”

#3 The Annual Unglued Craft Fest

The Annual Unglued Craft Fest has expanded to two weekends, but they still sell out every single year for good reason. It is one of the most fun, innovative, connecting events of the year and it really is for everyone! Even if you aren’t ‘crafty,’ they have curated this event to have something for most people!”

#4 Christkindlmarkt

“Christkindlmarkt is a Holiday extravaganza and I love all the care and thought that goes into the whole event! Food, vendors, and fun really help set my mood for the season, especially when the cold is coming!”

#5 Xcel Holiday Lights Parade

“The Xcel Holiday Lights Parade literally lights up the downtown Fargo area. I love seeing all of the creativity that people put into their floats!”

1PrettyRicky’s Most Underrated Events in the Area

1. Theatre B Productions

“Any of the productions put on by Theatre B are worth attending. They host off-beat plays that will invoke emotion and get you talking.”

2. Comedy in the Cellar

“The Comedy in the Cellar events at Front Street Taproom are comedy gold! They book regional and national acts, give shine to our local comedians, and these nights are side-splittingly funny.”

3. Fargo Food Truck Festival

“The Fargo Food Truck Festival gets bigger and bigger each year because we have new trucks popping up in our region all the time. There are so many different types of food available, so I love sampling a little something from each truck.”

4. FM Derby Girls

“If you love sports and hard-hitting action, our FM Derby Girls are fantastic and I love attending their bouts during the season. Fun for the whole family, they have a beer garden in the rink, and it is very fast-paced.”

5. What’s Up? Stars & Sounds

“Check out “What’s Up? Stars & Sounds” hosted by me and the MSUM Planetarium. It is a 60-minute show hosted on the evening of the First Tuesday of the month during the Fall & Spring semesters. It combines the wonder of the night sky with future beats to set the mood for the journey!”

Q&A with DJ 1PrettyRicky

Q. What about our area’s music scene attracted you to living in Fargo?

A: Fargo has an incredible variety of music, with a growing diversity of genres. We have local music artists and DJs that play country, hip-hop, folk, jazz, K-Pop, metal, and much more. As a DJ, I am always listening for artists who may not be on my radar, no matter the genre, because you never know when their music is going to be a perfect accompaniment for your event!

Q. Where do you believe Fargo’s music scene is heading?

A: Our music scene is flourishing, with solo musicians, bands, producers, and DJs playing more public shows than ever before. Promoters and artists themselves are hosting shows at venues across the region, and I think this is possible because our culture is looking to support more metal, alternative, and electronic music. Post-pandemic has certainly peaked more interest in live music across all genres.

Q. What’s the most “out there” event you’ve DJ’d?

A: In partnership with Sound Engagement, we held a “silent disco,” which was part of a fundraising event for Choice Bank last fall. It was awesome! My buddy Zach Anderson played the old school music on the Blue channel and I played the new school music on the Red channel, so people could choose which channel they wanted to listen to in their headphones. There were no speakers; all the music was played from their headphones and it was the loudest party with the quietest dance floor ever!

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