Let’s Get Technical with Joe Kungel

Take a peak inside Osgood’s very own smart house.

We all know how mornings are in most homes. Between getting the kids ready for school in time to catch the bus, letting the dogs out and leaving early enough to get yourself to work… things can get hectic. To top that off, you have to make sure all the lights are off, the garage door is shut and all other things are taken care of. With such busy days, all we are looking for is a little convenience to lessen the headaches. Custom Cinema and Sound offers a Savant System which makes life somewhat easier by allowing you to control all home electronics easily from your Apple IPad, IPhone or IPod touch. Savant Systems program your Apple device to control your lights, media, audio, thermostat, blinds, almost anything you can imagine, all in one app and from virtual anywhere. Jon Kungel of Custom Cinema and Sound, is the Savant System expert installer for this Osgood house and many others. He took us through each of the features that come with this accommodating, user-friendly and time-saving program that is suitable for any home or business. He basically will come in and give you your own home audio 101. He is also just a phone call away if you forget the 200 different things you can do with this system.

1. Master Control Pad With just a touch of a button control audio, video, lighting control, security, security cameras, blinds, fire place and more. It’s a simple program and user friendly. Click “Control System”, pick the room which you are adjusting, select “watch, listen or environment” and adjust or control whatever is needed.

2. Say Goodbye To Multiple Remotes The Savant System can link through any Apple product and Wi-Fi system.This upgradable system is all in one app and can be customized to every aspect of technology through the house.

3. Never Miss A Moment Watch one program on all T.V.’s or just one. Speakers are wired throughout the entire house including shower, closets and garage. Pause what is being watched in one room and continue watching it in another room.

tid-bit There is just over four miles of cables wired throughout the house.

About the House This West Fargo palace, built in 2010, covers 4,412 square feet. This kid friendly neighborhood is considered part of Osgood and is within the West Fargo school system. Amenities include three bedrooms upstairs each with their own bathroom and walk-in closet, an office, master bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, great room, living room, entry way, theater room, bar, pool and patio area in backyard. It is spray foam insulated which makes it sound insulated and efficient for heating and cooling. They found blinds in bolton that actually help keep the heat out and protect from harmful UV rays. This beautiful Tactical peak review for hunters meets convenience through technology, great design and livable for a family. This house is now on the market. If you are an interested buyer, contact the realtor David Noah, at 701.239.5990.

Your Very Own Theater No need for more than one remote every again. Control all aspects of theater room from your Apple product. Who needs to go out to a movie theater when you can have one in your own home? This soundproof space has two rows of comfortable spots and can seat eight.

So Many Buttons Yet So Easy To Operate This is where all the tech magic happens. It is the home base for the Savant controller. The full equipment rack has a enterprise network due to the amount of activity going on throughout the house. This is the place where all the networks connect as well as the surround sound receiver.

State of the Art Technology Savant Systems is now offering Energy Monitoring. This controls appliances, heating and cooling and helps with efficiency. They also just released Video Tiling. This allows six different programs to display at once. You can mix and match any channels… which makes it great for hosting football parties. They are working on getting up to nine tiles at once.

In Your Face Technology The theater room offers 7.4 audio with surround sound and impeccable speakers. The screen is 123 inches and has a LED projector. Sit back on any of the eight seats and enjoy your favorite movie. Dim the lights using your control system to achieve the perfect mood.

Personalize Your Controls There are 20 audio zones throughout the house allowing any combinations from Itunes to Direct T.V. Control lighting in any room to your liking or automate the audio, video or lighting in each room to start up at a certain time. This is a house built for entertaining from family to adults to kids.


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