Fargo’s New Nonprofit is Dedicated to Serving Our Local First Responders

Heroes Compass is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and supporting military veterans, police officers, firefighters, first responders, and their families.

Heroes Compass raises over $11,000 in its first year

Photos provided by Heroes Compass

About Heroes Compass

Heroes Compass is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and supporting military veterans, police officers, firefighters, first responders, and their families. Founded in 2023, our organization is committed to making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to protecting and serving our community. Heroes Compass actively engages with the community through volunteer opportunities, partnerships with local organizations, and events that raise awareness of heroes’ needs.

Heroes Compass supported the Fargo Police Department by raising funds for the four police officers impacted by the shooting this past summer. They also partnered with Sandy’s Donuts in Fargo, ND, to distribute 400 blue lights and a limited edition Blue Line donut, showing support to our local law enforcement officers. Over $11,000 was raised to donate to the four officers’ families.

“Zach Robinson was my college roommate and is my colleague at the North Dakota Air National Guard,” said Heroes Compass Executive Director Tim Kuhn. “When the devastating news hit, we knew we had to step up and help out.”

Mission: To provide essential resources, support, and community for our heroes, empowering them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Vision: A world where every hero receives the respect, care, and opportunities they deserve, leading to stronger, more resilient communities.

How Heroes Compass Makes Our Community Better

“We serve those who serve. The heroes in our community sacrifice so much on a daily basis and we want to give back to them. We stand by our military, police, firefighters, and first responders by ensuring they are taken care of. By focusing on these heroes’ mental health,

Heroes Compass Recommended Nonprofits

Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation:

Dedicated to supporting veterans struggling with PTSD, the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation offers scholarships, promotes awareness, and creates a support network for veterans.

Veterans Honor Flight of ND/MN

This organization honors veterans by providing them with an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C. to visit memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifices.

Fargo Memorial Honor Guard

The Fargo Memorial Honor Guard is committed to honoring fallen physical health, and family life, it makes our community a better place. This sends a ripple effect throughout our region.”

Services & Programs

Heroes Compass offers a range of programs and initiatives, including:

Family, Fitness, Finance

This is a comprehensive program that focuses on promoting mental health and well-being among heroes. This can include counseling services, support groups, mindfulness training, and workshops on stress management and coping techniques.

Family Support Services

Heroes Compass recognizes the importance of supporting hero families by offering programs and resources that address the unique challenges they face.

Financial Assistance Program

This is a program that offers financial assistance to heroes in need by helping them with essential expenses such as housing, utilities, healthcare, and education. This program can provide short-term relief and stability for veterans facing financial hardships as well as financial literacy for long-term success.

Walk to Remember

This is an annual event that raises awareness of veteran suicides and veterans facing suicidal thoughts. At the event, held on 9/22, participants walked 2.2 Miles at 9:22 AM to signify the 22 Veterans a day that die by suicide.

“We also started the first annual ‘Ruck To Remember,’ which is where we ruck 22km with 22 lbs on our back to raise funds for adaptive equipment for disabled veterans,” Kuhn said.

Unsung Hero Award

This award is given out as a way to recognize individuals who make significant contributions behind the scenes to support our heroes.

Hero Support Services

Heroes Compass helps provide resources, counseling, and assistance to heroes transitioning to civilian life.

Future Plans

“Our future plans involve expanding our operations around family, fitness, and finance,” Kuhn said. “We believe that these areas are core components in the lives of all heroes. Additionally, We would like to expand to supporting families during deployments, marriage retreats to strengthen relationships, a financial literacy program, and continuing physical fitness events with our annual walk and ruck. We also want to continue expanding awareness on the mental health challenges our heroes face on a daily basis.

Get Involved

Individuals can support us by volunteering, donating, or participating in events. “We encourage businesses to explore partnerships that align with our mission,” Kuhn said.

Support Heroes Compass
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veterans by performing ceremonial duties at funerals and memorial services.

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity

This affiliate of Habitat for Humanity works in the Cass and Clay counties, providing affordable housing solutions and engaging communities in building homes for those in need.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

A leading organization in the U.S., it focuses on saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide through research, education, and advocacy.


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