Elegant Lakeside Living is for Sale

Nestled along the serene shores of Big Cormorant, one of the region’s finest lakes, lies a property that embodies the tranquil charm and rustic elegance inherent to Minnesota’s lake life. The property offers refined lakeshore living and is a haven where modern comfort harmoniously melds with nature’s unspoiled beauty. This exquisite dwelling not only offers a retreat from the everyday hustle but invites one into a community where the simplicity of lakeside living is intertwined with contemporary conveniences, setting the stage for a lifestyle rich in peaceful serenity and natural splendor.

And, it’s for sale.

The property is in a development called Cormorant Parkplace which was built in 2005 with a bold, forward-looking vision.

“Cormorant Parkplace was kind of a pioneer in our region,” Monica Kaiser, the property’s Real Estate Broker said. “Lakeshore property developments aren’t really as common here.”


$2.5 Million

6 Bedrooms

5 Bathrooms

Cormorant Parkplace

Cormorant Parkplace is a 25-acre development with a shared boat slip, a clubhouse built for entertaining, a pool, and a swimming beach. The development is set up for the busy person or the person who’s sick of being busy and who would appreciate having all amenities taken care of.

“Cormorant Parkplace, the lawn, snow, boat slip, all those good things, are taken care of,” Kaiser said. “The homes and shared spaces are cared for year-round so, whether it’s a primary or secondary property, there is zero headache.”

The development seems as if it was almost carved out of the woods, which allows the properties to keep their natural aesthetic. The community is nicely wooded, and nicely paved and the beach is pristine. Really, it’s just a beautiful neighborhood. “And, the things that people often don’t think of are taken care of as well,” Kaiser said. “Things like septic, well, dock installation, and irrigation—the things that can really hit people between the eyes when they start dipping into lakeshore property.”

This particular plot is probably one of the nicest builds on the lake. It is 9,500-square-feet and everything is very high-end and very hand-picked.

“Staying at this house feels like staying at a hotel, which is rare to find,” Kaiser, who has 25 years of real estate experience said. The floors are picked from a mosque in Asia—everything is just so elite and so grand. 9,500-square-feet initially sounds crazy to people—it sounds like too much square footage, but that footage is utilized really well with an indoor hot tub, a workout room, and a wet bar— you get the sense that you can easily integrate your lifestyle into a place like this. You could not come close to building this piece for this price.”

Ready to
Make a Deal?

The current owners of the property are Rick and Elaine Larson. Rick is a successful businessman from Fargo and a sophisticated seller.

According to Kaiser, Rick is “open to terms” and the furnishings in the property can be had if desired.


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