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We sat down with designingwomen2 in their Fargo store as they gushed about the newest trends in the interior design industry. Photo: Linda Birmingham, Kari Rasmus, Kris Carlson.

Photos by Hillary Ehlen & designingwomen2

This January, three of the five owners of designingwomen2 traveled to Las Vegas Market to see the newest trends in the interior design industry. Weeks later, we sat down with Kris Carlson, Linda Birmingham and Kari Rasmus in their Fargo store as they gushed about the experience. Now, you can share in the excitement by taking a sneak peek of the fabulous pieces they brought back from their recent trip.

What is Market?

“Imagine taking West Acres, adding ten stories and then making three buildings of that,” Carlson said when describing the physical environment of Market. Las Vegas Market was founded in 2005 and has become the most comprehensive furniture, home décor and gift market in the Midwest. It is located in a 5 million + square-foot, permanent venue called World Market Center.

What They Did

Carlson, Birmingham and Rasmus landed in Las Vegas on Sunday, Jan. 28 and were at Market until Thursday, Feb. 1. “The routine went get up, grab a cup of coffee and hit the road. We had appointments each day with vendors that we know and trust. We also ended up with appointments with new vendors. We would be on our feet all day long, break for lunch and hit the road again until 6 that night, fall in the bus seat on the way home, grab dinner, go to bed and then get up and do it all over again,” Carlson explained.

“This is not where you go to gamble. It’s work and then you drop, but it’s fun,” Rasmus said. “It’s exhilarating and exhausting at the same time,” added Birmingham. They have attended Las Vegas Market in addition to High Point Market many times. Though finding their way around the venue was a daunting task on their first trip, Carlson, Birmingham and Rasmus now have an easy time navigating World Market Center.

Throughout their careers, the women of designingwomen2 have seen Market evolve. “It’s grown every year to the point that people are going to Las Vegas rather than Highpoint,” Birmingham said. “At Las Vegas, they show new items. When you go to high point, they show everything. We don’t have to see everything. We want to keep in touch with what’s new,” Carlson said.

What They Found

The Midwest has a reputation for being behind on trends, so their goal was to bring back cutting-edge pieces for those who want them. “The number one thing is to give the client what they want, but educate them about what’s out there,” Birmingham explained. During this trip, they saw mixed metals, acrylic furniture, 3D wall décor, curved lines, chaise lounges and so much more. Color is also coming back in a big way.

Mixed Metals

designingwomen2 designingwomen2

“There was a time when gold wasn’t allowed, and that’s no longer the case,” Carlson said. “What’s really nice about the mixed metals is that people are still able to use the silver that we’ve done for them over the past few years and mix it with gold and even bronze. It just makes it more interesting,” Birmingham continued.

Acrylic Furniture


Acrylic furniture was everywhere at Las Vegas Market. “We, of course, were drawn to calmer clears,” the women of designingwomen2 said.

3D Wall Decor



They noticed that “go-big-or-go-home,” three-dimensional wall décor was very common at Las Vegas Market.

Curved Lines

designingwomen2 designingwomen2designingwomen2

Bison Green


The women of designingwomen2 saw all different shades of blue and green. “We found this barstool, and it’s the perfect Bison green,” Carlson said. It even has gold whipstitch detailing.

Trends Refined

Other trends have been around for a while, but are becoming refined. For example, “The industrial look is still in, but not like it was—it’s becoming more refined,” Rasmus said. The same could be said about bohemian décor. They also saw the mixing of styles, which led to an eclectic, global-inspired effect.


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