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When working in the hospital, Veseda Hoff, RN, BSN, discovered it was often the small acts of care that made the biggest impact in the confidence of her patients. If you look good, you feel good—and if you feel good, the journey to healthy living is much easier. This led Veseda to open her own aesthetic clinic, IMAGE Medi-Spa, in 2007, with the goal of helping others look good and feel confident.

Prior to IMAGE Medi-Spa, Veseda specialized in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Interventional Radiology. A care-giver by nature, she realized the one-on-one care is what she loves the most about nursing. The nature of care in the hospital is structured to care for many patients at the same time, with some patients needing more care than others. Veseda knew she wanted to be able to do more for patients and invest more into the one-on-one experience. This led her to shift from ICU Nursing to Aesthetic Nursing, and thus IMAGE Medi-Spa was born. Join us for a Q & A with Veseda to learn more about her growth, expertise and positive impact in the aesthetic industry.

What is your mission at IMAGE?

At IMAGE Medi-Spa, our mission is for you to look good and feel good at any age. We offer a very relaxed and no-pressure atmosphere, and take time to educate our clients so they feel confident in knowing they have made the best choice. Our team is highly trained to provide you with the most effective treatments in this industry. We customize our plan of care for each and every client, because it is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Ultimately, our goal is to teach our clients how to get the best results and maintain them. In my experience in the hospital, I realized how special and important one-on-one care is with patients. It’s often the little details in care that mean the most, and I wanted to bring that level of care over to IMAGE Medi-Spa when we opened. Our mission and values still ring true today, and building relationships with our clients is a top priority.

Modern Services, Personalized Care.

What are some of IMAGE’s unique offerings?

Our aestheticians provide the initial care and maintenance for every client. Just like exercise, it’s not one workout and done for the rest of the year. There is an ongoing need to maintain ourselves. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is often the least cared for.

Aesthetic services such as custom facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or a DiamondGlow® every 4-6 weeks will maintain skin and keep it looking youthful. Our aesthetic services will always begin with a triple cleanse to ensure the potent products used are able to penetrate deep into the skin. We select products used in treatments based on your skin’s needs. An anti-aging and hydrating sunscreen filled with antioxidants is always applied at the end of treatments for environmental protection.

If you would like to reverse the signs of aging, then nursing treatments such as Botox ®, Sculptra ®, Laser Genesis, and Lumecca ™ IPL will definitely turn back the hands of time. These treatments will focus on wrinkle reduction, removing pigmentation, stimulating collagen growth, evening out skin tone, reducing redness, removing spider veins and much more to help achieve youthful, glowing skin.

How Are You A Trendsetter in F-M?

I took a leap of faith many years ago to own my own business as a Registered Nurse. I would not have been able to have the confidence to go out on my own if it wasn’t for the teams I worked with in medicine every day to help others in 2007. I remember being one of a few medical spas in the F-M area, and the only nurse-owned spa. I have now been operation for nearly 17 years. Now, many nurses are going out on their own and medical spas are popping up everywhere. Looking back it makes me really proud to say that I have trained or treated many of these entrepreneurs.

-Veseda Hoff, Owner

Treatment Plans for Lasting Results.

What does IMAGE do differently?

One of the things that works well for us is the individualized plans which often start with products and home care. When you visit us for the first time, we will go over a plan tailored to your needs and address your top concerns. Skincare treatment is not a one-and-done deal.

Our clients get the best outcome when using medical-grade skincare, treating the skin at home once or twice a day. We offer several high quality clinical skincare lines that do more than just protect, but provide skin with anti-aging benefits, antioxidants and hydration.

Secondly, we educate our clients on what maintaining the skin with aesthetic treatments does for your skin’s health. Continuing treatments on a regular basis will help maintain your skin and turnover new cells for healthy regrowth. The new skin will not only brighten your complexion, but will also better protect itself from the aging process and harmful elements in the environment.

The sun is definitely an ager, but the wind, cold, fluorescent lights, computer screens and cell phones are also emitting harmful rays that cause signs of aging on our skin that we target to prevent and treat with our services.

Another thing we do differently is clinician consistency. This allows our aestheticians or nurses to really get to know our clients, how their skin reacts to each treatment, and we can develop a much more effective treatment plan when it’s time to change settings on lasers, add on new treatments or target areas of concern.

Post-treatment, we always check-in with our clients and ensure they are healing smoothly, and address any questions or they may have. Clinician consistency has really helped our clients get the best results in the most comfortable environment, which has built our amazing clientele. We are honest, confidential and provide clear communication to deliver results.

Celebrate Your Body With Us At IMAGE.

We prioritize the client experience at IMAGE, so no matter if you are brand new to the spa, or have been coming for years, there will always be somehting new for you to enjoy. We offer monthly specials featuring a combination of aesthetic and nursing services to really see a change in the skin.

We also have a referral program where clients earn $50 for every new client they refer. After the referred client has a service or product purchase, they too will earn $50 towards their next treatment.

All clients at IMAGE are put into our VIP loyalty program, earning points to redeem The med-spa industry is constantly evolving and growing rapidly. Learning how to adapt over the years and growing based on client needs has really shaped who IMAGE is and who I am today.

I have an awesome team and loyal clientele that I will be forever grateful for. We invite you to come celebrate your body with us at IMAGE! Call us at 701.478.7700 to book a free skin consultation.

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