A Fargo Native’s 147-Pound Weight Loss Journey

It was never about the number on the scale.

That is what Roxanne Mullenberg says about her health journey with Profile by Sanford. “I told my coach, ‘I don’t want to focus on the scale. I just want to feel better, feel good about myself, and feel better in my clothes.’”

The number on the scale did fall though. First by 11 pounds, then 50, and after a year of faithfully following her Profile plan, the scale is down 147 pounds. Roxanne has far surpassed every goal she set, is feeling great, walks at least three miles daily, and is wearing a pant size she never thought she would.

Her health and life before Profile

Busy and always on the go. That is how Roxanne describes her life. After tragically losing her sister seven years ago to weight-loss surgery complications, Roxanne stepped into the role of mom when she adopted her now 11-year-old nephew. She juggles being a single mom, a 20-year career in banking, volunteer work, and being a supportive friend, sister, daughter, and aunt.

November 2019

And that busyness took a hit on her health. “I’m constantly on the run, and that didn’t work well when it came to my eating habits. I would just grab something fast and quick.” Roxanne was also unknowingly struggling with an inactive thyroid and her blood pressure was starting to get high. It was time for a change. “I wasn’t feeling like myself. I didn’t feel good. I had tried other things, and nothing worked. I was at a point where I needed to do something about it.”

An easy, simple program that works

That ultimately led Roxanne to Profile, although it took some convincing. Her coworkers told her about the program and shared about their custom nutrition plans. They follow variations of Profile’s most popular plan—Reboot—which includes protein shakes. “I was hesitant to try because of the shakes. I had done a shake thing before and it wasn’t good.”

Yet after receiving encouragement from her doctor, Roxanne started her journey February 2020. “And I love the shakes,” she laughs. “I absolutely love them. They taste great. I love the ease of them. They are perfect for my on-the-move life.” She loves the overall simplicity of her meal plan. “I really like how easy it was for me. The plan is there. You don’t have to think about it.”

She also found the 1-on-1 health coaching. helpful. “It was really nice to have a person there to listen and ask questions. I rmly believe if I hadn’t had the same coach my entire journey, it wouldn’t have been as easy. Just her enthusiasm and support. She’s been an awesome cheerleader, resource, and we’ve become super close.”

Living life with new healthy habits

After a year following Profile, Roxanne says her habits are completely different. “I keep a good mindset. I have learned that everything I eat is a choice. If I choose to go off my meal plan, I’m making that choice and I’m not letting it ruin my entire day of eating.” She has learned how to cook differently as well. “I focus on the freshest ingredients at farmers markets when I can. I Googled so many ideas on how to prepare different vegetables and love trying new things.”

February 2021

Roxanne also enjoys swapping healthy recipes with her neighbor who has also lost over 100 pounds with Prole. “We hit the 100-pound mark within just a week of each other. It’s been fun doing it together. We’re open with each other about our journeys, which is nice.”

She has also started walking more and more. At the beginning of her Profile journey, Roxanne would walk 5Ks with her son. And as her birthday approached, she challenged herself to a 10K. “I hit 100 pounds right before my birthday. And then on the morning of my 42nd birthday, we went out and did a 10K to start the day. That was pretty dang cool. Not only was I proving to myself I can do these things, but I was also celebrating a major milestone.”

Give Profile By Sanford A Try!

If you’re hesitant to start a health journey with Profile, Roxanne says to try. “I didn’t think it would work for me. I’m glad I tried. It’s never too late to make a change.”

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