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Paige Breindenbach

Having a lifetime dream of opening her own interior design business, Paige recently purchased Mosaic Interior Design with her partner Nicholas. Providing residential and commercial interior design and project management services, they are the perfect one-stop shop for all your design needs.

Owner/Interior Designer, Mosaic Interior Design

Photo by: Josiah Kopp

Paige’s Resume at a Glance

1. Widespread knowledge of various types of design.

Paige has extensive experience within the interior design industry. From working at Eco Chic Home during her college years to working under interior design masterminds like Trever Hill Design and Melanie Iverson of Mosaic Interior Design, her knowledge is widespread in various types of design.

2. Graduate of NDSU’s Cida accredited interior design program.

As a graduate of NDSU’s CIDA Accredited Interior Design Program, Paige has several technical skills that allow her to present visuals to clients in 2D and 3D form. She has been asked to return to speak at interior design events and will continue to contribute to the program the best she can.

3. Offers a one-stop shop for all of your design needs.

Having a lifetime dream of opening her own interior design business, Paige recently purchased Mosaic Interior Design with her partner Nicholas. Providing residential and commercial interior design and project management services, they are the perfect one-stop shop for all your design needs.

Featured Project:

The Riverbend Renovation

When the Nelsons reached out to Paige of Mosaic Interior Design for their Oxbow home renovation, their goal was to elevate their home with new storage solutions and updates to brighten up specific areas of their home. They utilized Mosaic’s project management services, having Paige collect estimates from various subcontractors, coordinate scheduling, and manage the timeline of the project.

During the conceptualization portion of the project, Breidenbach provided 2D drawings, 3D renderings, and finish selections. Once approved by the client, they sent this information to the subcontractors/vendors for estimates and finalized installation drawings. From there, they began coordinating with subcontractors for a start date and began estimating a completion date.

“Of course, we had some mishaps and needed to handle them, but what project doesn’t? The clients were understanding of the process and kept great open communication with us during the entire process. It is important for the client to know that you are there for them and are walking through this process alongside them. It is our job to ensure the client is happy and loves their space at the end of this experience,” Breidenbach said.”That being said, we are extremely attentive and detail-oriented with the subcontractors work. If there is something slightly wrong, we make sure to address it and come up with solutions as efficiently as possible.”

“This project was a great experience in many aspects including client relations, project management and contractor communication. Being able to juggle the highs and lows while keeping within budget, and maintaining a timeline is something we pride ourselves on. We are fortunate to have the privilege of providing these services to our clients worry-free.”

Focal points of this project include new countertops in various locations, new bathroom, mudroom and main level flooring, office custom cabinetry, mudroom custom cabinetry/painting existing cabinetry, removing an existing closet located in office to create a custom wet bar, and lower level custom cabinetry.

About the Project

Local Vendors & Suppliers

Weyer Companies
“They do an exceptional job with any needed service. From wallcovering installation to painting and sheetrock, they are the place to go!”

Northern Stone
“Excellent remnant selection that is available for viewing at any time. Great pricing and very responsive.”

Northern Renewal
“Great to work with and has excellent communication to ensure the job is completed correctly. The finished product is always spot-on and showcases the quality of craftsmanship.”

D&M Industries
“Very helpful throughout the process with easy communication.”

Clearwater Cabinetry
“Quality products and attentive to details to ensure everything comes out the way it should. They will go out of their way to assist with any additional details the best they can.”

Hot Take

“I think that many people have a misconception about interior design. Many individuals assume that you have to have a specific look or budget in order to hire a designer. That, my friend, is far from the truth. We love working with any style, any budget, and any space. It is our job to help make your house feel like your home.” – Paige Breidenbach

Mixing the right balance of metals and color tones can curate a luxurious look that will quickly become your favorite focal point in a space.”

– Paige Breidenbach

5 Hacks for Interior Design

1. Simplicity is Key

“Whether your style is eclectic, traditional or modern, keeping your space tidy and organized will offer you simplicity and the peace that your home should offer. If you’re thinking “simple is boring,” I can see where you are coming from. To add more interest to your space, try adding in various textures and patterns to make the space more impactful.”

2. Lightning for all Moods

“Incorporating various types of lighting into your space is crucial. You may think having any other light source besides your recessed lighting is unnecessary and a waste of money. What you don’t realize is, when you come home after those long days, starting the fireplace with some ambient lighting can make all the difference to help you unwind. Implementing these secondary light sources can make a world of difference in how you feel in your home.”

3. Practical & Pretty

“Just because a furniture piece may be pretty to look at doesn’t mean it can’t also be practical and comfortable. When purchasing furniture, make sure you look at the construction of the piece as well as the material. Nowadays we are seeing a lot more availability for pieces with performance fabric that, YES, are extremely practical AND pretty!”

4. That Gasp-Worthy Powder Bath

“As Nike once said, “Just do it!” If you have a powder bath in your home, you are one lucky duck! This is your opportunity to go wild or simple while including elements of interest. But we recommend wild. In many homes, the main areas are neutral with some personality, but are likely to accommodate a variety of styles. A powder bath is a small room full of excitement and that ‘WOW’ factor. I say, get the wallpaper, paint that ceiling black. The world is your oyster—have fun with it.”

5. Neutrals VS Color

“Who doesn’t love some color, but who also doesn’t love some warm and cozy neutrals? If you’re a lover of boho with bursts of color and texture, creating a balance is easy by adding in those neutral wood tones, maybe incorporating that tassel chandelier that grounds the space with its calming nature and textural interest!”

“Or if you can’t help but immerse yourself in warm tones and fuzzy socks, but you want to add some dimension within your space? Start by adding greenery to bring some life inside, then implement décor items that have subtle color tones to them, mixed with various shades of neutrals and textural pieces.”

Paige’s Trends & Colors for 2023

5 Must-Haves for the Home that Changed My Life

KitchenAid Artisan by Hearth and Hand
“This mixer is amazing. It is my second as I bake often, but needed this amazing color in my life. Hands-free mixing is by far the best thing—you can walk away and all the work is done for you when you come back.”

Ring Cameras
“Nowadays you can never be too safe. We have always used Ring cameras and since purchasing our home, we have upgraded the types and quantities. It provides great peace of mind if you might be home alone or out of town.”

Alexa Echo Show 15
“The Alexa Show is a huge convenience factor. On the home screen, we have a shopping list, to-do list, weather, thermometer access, and light access. From this device, we can add items to our shopping list that we can then locate on our phones while out and about. We can change temperatures and shut off lights as well as watch tv and view our security cameras.”

Milwaukee Packout
“This is something of a personal must-have. We are currently renovating our entire home ourselves. These packouts have been a lifesaver for organization and convenience. I highly recommend any of their styles.”

Cell Phone Stand
“If you don’t like clutter, this is a great solution. It keeps your phone elevated off of the surface and easy to look over and see any notifications you might have. I have one at my office to keep my head up and also one at home for when I’m cooking or baking and referencing a recipe, but also to keep off the countertops if I’m being a little messy.”

Paige’s Local Picks

People I Love Working With

Austen Dames, General Northern Renewal

Brittany Galbrecht, Showcase Floors

1. Great Northern Granite

“Top-tier customer service and a thorough purchasing process to ensure everyone knows all the details.”

2. Brockmeyer Tile & Stone

“Beautiful showroom and great large-scale displays of stone options!”

3. Innovative Air

“Quick, efficient, and very easy to work with!”

4. Showcase Floors

“Some of the best people to work with! They are always helpful with questions and providing information in a timely manner.”


What is being an interior designer all about to you?

[For me] it’s about curating spaces that reflect those who occupy them. It is so important to really listen to your clients and understand their needs/wants. Interior design is exceeding those expectations and delivering a product that will positively impact the future of the space and those who utilize it.

Congrats on being the new owner of Mosaic Interior Design! What’s been the biggest growing pain for you so far in this new journey?

Aside from the financial and legal stuff, I would say the biggest growing pain is figuring out creative ways to put myself out there. My name has been bounced around here and there since working at Trever Hill Design and starting with Melanie at Mosaic, but now, I am the face of the company. That changes so many things and brings on the pressure—no worries, I’m here for it!

You’ve built yourself quite a resume, having been a mentee under both Trever Hill and Melanie Iverson—how has their expertise and perspective of design shaped the way you approach it?

Gosh, I truly am so blessed to have such incredible mentors. They both have such beautiful souls and are very knowledgeable in this field. Though similar, their design specialties differ. Trever is the king of neutrals and monotones. He dives so deeply into the details you never would have thought of. Melanie is the queen of color. While also detail-oriented, she worked heavily on project management and contractor relationships. They are both the best at what they do and I’m so fortunate to have worked under individuals that gave me the opportunity to learn from them and broaden my knowledge.

Outside the professional world, what do you devote yourself to?

Currently, my partner and I are renovating our first home together! This definitely takes up all of our spare time, but when we decide to take a break, I’m either baking, playing with our husky Milo, or visiting family in Grand Forks.

What is the most ingenious thing you’ve ever seen incorporated into a home design?

Oh boy. I actually recently saw a video of a hidden door built into a kitchen island that led to a basement speakeasy. I thought it was pretty clever, but I also love secret doors.

If you could choose the most important thing you learned about design from each (Trever and Melanie) what would it be?

It’s so hard to pick just one. Trever taught me how less can be more. This can be a hard concept for people, but when done correctly, it is absolutely true. After working so long with Trever and being immersed in his designs, switching over to Melanie certainly tested my design eye. Melanie taught me to not be afraid of color and funk (when appropriate for the project). These likely are not the most important (we would get too personal on that one) things learned, but are things I think about daily when designing. Aside from design, there had been many conversations between the two of them and myself that are some of the most important and impactful I’ve ever had. For that, I am grateful.

How are you making Mosaic your own? What new things can we expect to see?

We have some exciting projects we’re working on and are offering a newly-added ’90-minute in-home consultation’ option.

How would you describe your special flavor as a designer? Why is Fargo the perfect place to play into that style?

I would definitely be Neopolitan if my designs were a flavor. One minute I want everything light, bright, and airy, then the next minute I want dark and moody. Fargo is great for that because we do have a huge range of styles in this town. This allows me to cater to them all whether they want light, dark, or right in the middle!

What did those initial conversations that led to you taking over Mosaic look like? When did you know this was the right leap to take?

Once Melanie was about to come back from maternity leave, she had mentioned giving me a stake in the company as part of a 5-year plan. Of course, I was excited about that—who wouldn’t be? That initial conversation quite frankly came out of nowhere—so funny. Once Melanie was officially back to work and had accepted a new job elsewhere, she asked me to heavily consider the idea of one day owning Mosaic. A couple of weeks went by and Melanie was ready to sell. She spoke with me about what I and my partner (Nicholas) envisioned for our future; she only wanted to sell to us. Nicholas and I had always had a dream of owning our own design and build business, we just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly! With the amazing support of family, friends, mentors, and my biggest supporter Nicholas, we said yes!


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