Meet the Dynamic Duo

Border Bank’s Kelly and Nicole are the quintessential “one stop shop” —helping to make your home building project a success.

Border Bank’s Kelly and Nicole are the quintessential “one-stop shop” —helping to make your home building project a success.

Going through the process of purchasing or building a new home can often feel burdensome, confusing, and something to dread. Border Bank’s Kelly Engstrom and Nicole Hjelden have been there and evolved the process to one that is efficient and fun. Let’s get to know Kelly and Nicole – the area’s “go-to” dynamic duo for financing home construction projects.

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Some of their FM Faves!

FM Massage and Wellness
3217 Dr S, Suite A-2 Fargo

Thunder Coffee
300 Sheyenne St, Suite 190 West Fargo

CJ’s All Terrain Seasoning
Available at SCHEELS

Chippers from Carol Widman’s Candy
4325 13th Ave S Fargo

Grateful Cratefulls
300 Sheyenne St, Suite 130 West Fargo

Cracked Pepper
4955 17th Ave S, Suite 124 Fargo

Get to Know Kelly & Nicole

What is your favorite place to meet clients outside of the bank?

I am a huge coffee lover and Thunder Coffee in West Fargo is my favorite. The staff is always so friendly and gives great advice and they even have a small back room to use for a more private conversation.

What are your top tips or products to keep you on your “A” game?

Did I mention I’m a huge coffee fan? Outside of coffee, I am big on implementing self-care. It’s something I have to schedule into my day in order to do it and it can be different for everyone. I personally enjoy working out, reading, and massages by the amazing Mona Mendez from FM Massage and Wellness.

What advice do you have for someone dreaming of building or purchasing a new home?

Many clients don’t come in until they think they are ready based on what they believe should be their down payment, credit score, and income. My advice is come in when you first start dreaming—let’s visit! Appointments are free, and I can help coach clients to get them ready for purchasing a home or building a new one.

What is your favorite locally made product to buy and why?

My husband and I love to grill and smoke different foods, so we often are trying new seasonings, rubs, and sauces. CJ’s All Terrain Seasoning is definitely a favorite of mine because it literally goes great on everything!

If you could get a free $1,000 gift card to anywhere in town, where would you choose and why?

I would have to go with SCHEELS not only because they have a great women’s clothing section, but they literally have everything for grilling, camping, hunting, sports, winter attire, kids, etc. Plus, my kids love riding the Ferris wheel and playing their games!

What is your favorite place to meet clients outside of the bank?

Cracked Pepper is one of my top picks. They have a unique space to have lunch, the staff is friendly, and the homemade food is delicious— not to mention their homemade desserts! It’s close to the bank with easy access.

What is a misconception clients ask you about Construction Loans?

Many clients think you must own a piece of land before you start the construction process. If you find a piece of land and a builder all at the same time, we can incorporate them both into the construction loan

Where is your favorite hidden gem in the Fargo-Moorhead area and why?

Grateful Cratefulls, they have locally made products that you can put together to make fun baskets. Whenever I’m looking for a unique gift for any occasion, I know the friendly staff can help me out.

What is your favorite local pastime activity?

I stay as active as I can, if it’s walking, hiking, or riding bike but my weekly exercise program is Jazzercise. It’s a full-body workout session with a community of women supporting each other. It’s fun, engaging, and addictive.

Rumor has it you have a sweet tooth…what’s your favorite?

Yes, it’s true; I have a sweet tooth! Carol Widman’s chippers are one of my favorites. They have a variety of flavors, but milk and dark chocolate are my go-tos.

Client Testimonial

I’ve been a customer of [Border Bank] since 2010. When it came to the idea of building my forever home, I reached out to Nicole and Kelly to explore my options.

I purchased my lot in December of 2020 knowing this was the area I wanted to build my home-that lot was financed by Border Bank.

Kelly and Nicole made this experience so easy and fun! As I near the end of the construction process, I’m excited to see my forever home come to light.

Over the next year, I planned out my building ideas with Premier Construction and plans became a reality. I sat down with Nicole & Kelly to talk about the construction loan process. Between myself, the builder and the bank, they explained how my building project would progress. I knew step by step what to expect and my builders were in direct contact with Nicole as each phase was completed. Any time I’ve had a question or concern, I’ve been able to make a quick call, text or email to Nicole or Kelly and I always receive a quick response. The process has run so smoothly and Kelly and Nicole made this experience so easy and fun! As I near the end of the construction process, I’m excited to see my forever home come to light.”

-Will Barker
Barker’s Flooring

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Ready to make Nicole and Kelly a part of your dream project?

Kelly Engstrom
[email protected]

Nicole Hjelden
[email protected]

Visit border.bank or stop by one of our Fargo locations today!
4530 17th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103
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