Meet Ashley Hurner, Interior Designer at Enclave Development

Ashley Hurner is an Interior Designer for Enclave Development in Fargo.


Ashley Hurner is an Interior Designer for Enclave Development in Fargo. She graduated from Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, MN, with a BS Degree in Interior Design. The majority of her experience has been in commercial design and construction. In her time at Enclave, Ashley has been providing design direction across their portfolio of multifamily, mixed-use and commercial projects. She has a front-row seat to how projects are being built, design and used.

“There’s a solution for every budget,” said Ashley. “You can still provide value to a space by taking a non-traditional approach and incorporating innovative design elements that still create an impact.”

Ashley says it’s a common misconception that interior design is the same thing as interior decorating. “This is not to say one is better than the other, in fact, they go handin-hand,” she said. “It’s about understanding behaviors and functions in a space beyond adding decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic. While its scope can vary, interior designers can provide detailed services from research, programming, space planning, design and FF&E, construction documentation, bidding, project management and through construction and project completion.”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

To stay refreshed and inspired, Ashley loves traveling as visiting new places gives her a new perspective and inspiration. Although cool neutrals have been an ongoing trend for a long time, Ashley is looking forward to the warmer tones making a return; she’s a big fan of color being used in interiors more.

Ashley has been fortunate to be a part of shaping and creating spaces that people get to experience, whether that’s a space they live, work or heal in. The design of any space sends a message and is a huge indicator in the level of understanding and care of its occupants. Ashley’s current goal is to complete her NCIDQ exams to further understand things that affect the life, health, and safety of people and the environments they enter into on a daily basis—and to make them look great.


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