Meet Andrew Sourdif, Interior Decorator & Shop Stylist at McNeal & Friends

Andrew Sourdif

Andrew Sourdif is a local designer at McNeal & Friends in Fargo


Andrew Sourdif is a local designer at McNeal & Friends in Fargo. He grew up in Ada, MN, and eventually ended up in Chicago, IL. Thereafter, Andrew achieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Fashion Design from the Art Institute in Chicago. Andrew’s passion for design runs deep, having decorated many of his friend’s and family’s spaces throughout his various endeavors in the fashion industry.

Andrew specializes in decorating and styling; his deep knowledge of the specialty lines at McNeal & Friends equips him with the versatility to decorate just about any space.

“I love helping clients put the finishing touch on their space,” said Andrew. “Since a big part of my role at McNeal & Friends is merchandising, I love pulling accessories from our showroom floor and creating beauty with items that you already have in your home.”

At McNeal & Friends, Andrew likes to emphasize that when a client hires him, they are actually hiring his entire design team. His team enjoys collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other—resulting in a much richer concept. No project is too small; his team takes on anything from paint consultations all the way to developing entire concepts from the ground up.

Operating as a full-service interior design studio, Andrew’s team is able to accommodate almost all aspects of the design process; from selecting finishes to paint colors, they enjoy working closely with builders to make your dream home a reality.

“I love helping clients put the finishing touch on their space”

Inspiration, Colors & Trends

“I am loving the richer, more handsome browns and rust tones that have been circulating around the design community,” said Andrew. “We are also seeing exquisite new textured fabrics for upholstery that take a timeless frame and give it an updated look.”

Andrew has always been inspired by fashion creatives such as Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler. Their innate sense of style pushes the envelope of modernity by utilizing new techniques in fabric construction and silhouette.

In the end, Andrew just wants people to know how much fun design can be. Helping clients through what can often be looked at as a daunting process, and getting them excited about transforming their space into a comfortable, beautiful environment—to Andrew that means everything.


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