Locally Trending: A Red, White & Blue Summer

Fargo trends include red, white and blue

This time of year is great for incorporating your favorite red, white and blue decor into your home. Check out Fargo trends for July!

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

Locally Trending is a monthly feature that highlights the high quality home products available at locally owned stores in the FM area. This time of year is great for incorporating your favorite red, white and blue decor into your home. Keep the festivities alive and give your decor lasting power with a few of our favorite pieces this season.

Meet Kayla

Kayla Cote Van Rensburg


Kayla Cote van Rensburg is originally from Willow City, ND, and has made her home in Fargo with her husband, Piet van Rensburg. In 2017, the two founded the local lifestyle Brand, Dak & Co.


Faux Flowers

Burlap Rustic Chic Boutique

Bring in a fresh pop of color with faux flowers. Florals are a great way to bring nature indoors and these bright, red poppies will add vibrance to any space.

Kayla’s Tip: Sprinkle these poppies all over your home or put them in a vase to create the perfect centerpiece for entertaining friends and family this festive, summer season.

Locally Trending

Vintage White Glassware

The White House Co.

This vintage white glassware can add a clean, crisp feeling to any space. The ornate shapes of these pieces add a fun, festive vibe and can be added as an accent piece to any room. Plus, their bright look transitions well from season to season.

Kayla’s Tip: Fill these bowls with fresh salsa for a perfect addition to all of your summer gatherings.

Locally Trending

Hanging Globes

The White House Co.

Think vertical with these unique, hanging globes. Their nautical feel makes them perfect for hanging on the front porch of your lake house.

Kayla’s Tip: These globes have a large opening at the top, and could be used to as a vase for a striking floral arrangement or unique Terrarium for succulents or other greenery.

Locally Trending


Burlap Rustic Chic Boutique

These playful pillows are a great way to mix and match textures and colors in your space. The beach motif and hues of blue are a perfect way to jazz up your lake house this summer.

Kayla’s Tip: Tasseled pillows are this season’s go-to. Decorating with texture is a great way to add visual interest to any home.


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