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Locally Trending talks about local trends

Sometimes it’s nice to rearrange items that you already have and add in a few new pieces so your space feels brand new! Learn more about some of the current local trends this month.

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

By Melissa Steedsman

You may have recently watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show “Tidying Up” and felt motivated to start organizing your home. This is a great time of year to tackle some of those projects as we are spending more time at home. I read Kondo’s book a while ago and have implemented some of her strategies for organization over the years. Her way of folding clothes inside your dresser is life changing! But being organized doesn’t happen overnight. Our homes are always a work in progress, and it is important to remember that our styles are constantly evolving. I’m somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to styling my own home, and I firmly believe that you should only fill your home with things that feel like “you” and bring you a sense of joy. This is different for everyone; your style may be farmhouse chic, ultra-modern, bohemian, minimalistic or a blend of many!

The point is that I want to encourage you to purchase things that really speak to you personally. I love how it feels when you refresh a space with a few new items that you truly love. I’m also a new mom, so finding ways to organize the massive amount of stuff that comes along with children has been my new challenge of 2019. Changing up a few small decor pieces that focus on organization can make you feel welcome, happy and inspired the moment you walk into your home. Sometimes it’s nice to rearrange items that you already have and add in a few new pieces so your space feels brand new! I chose these pieces because they are pretty and functional, my two favorite things.


Locally Trending talks about local trends

Melissa is the owner of 521handmade and lives in West Fargo, N.D., with her husband Colton and new baby boy Milo. She creates modern calligraphy throw pillows and loves helping you make your house feel like home!

Locally Trending talks about local trends

Planter Vases

by Jenny Sue Art. Available at Unglued

$20 ea.

These adorable planter vases created by local Fargo maker Jenny Sue Art would look great on a shelf in your entry way. Use them to help organize a small “drop zone” for the essentials near your front door. Maybe you are always searching for your keys in the morning or have members of your family who need a spot to empty their pockets; this will help with the chaos! A drop zone doesn’t have to be elaborate, just functional. These beautiful planters will be in style for years to come, and knowing that they were handmade by a local artist brings more love into your space.

MELISSA’S TIP: Designate a pretty planter to each family member and toss your keys, loose change, chapstick and other small items inside so they are always where you need them, but tucked away. When you come back home, instead of walking into chaos, your entry way will feel more welcoming and organized.

Locally Trending talks about local trends

“Keep It Real” Sign

By Little Ditty Signs. Available at Unglued


This “keep it real” sign created by Little Ditty Signs is a simple way to add a little fun into your home! There are so many color options and different sayings that I think you can easily find a quote that speaks to you. It is possible to go overboard with trendy signs in a space, so I like adding small ones like this into a gallery wall filled with memorable family photos to create balance.

MELISSA’S TIP: I love the reminder of “keep it real” when it comes to organization because I think most of us can relate to having a junk drawer and not enough time in the day to get everything done. Keep your expectations real as you start to organize, as it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you have a “mantra” for 2019, you could order a small custom sign with that quote and add some motivation to your office or gallery wall!

Locally Trending talks about local trends

Wicker Basket

Available at Burlap Rustic Chic Boutique


This modern wicker basket from Burlap Rustic Chic Boutique is so timeless and can be used in so many ways within your home. My favorite thing about this basket is that it will work for whatever season of life you may be in. I keep talking about pretty and functional; this basket is the definition of that. When you purchase items for your home, it’s so much fun to think of all the possibilities that you can use it for within your lifestyle.

MELISSA’S TIP: You can place the basket in a corner near the couch and have it hold cozy blankets for added texture in your space. Rolling up smaller blankets is a great way to stylishly display your options; I also do this with baby blankets in our nursery! It would also work great for storing smaller toys and books that are frequently used in your family room.


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