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Lindsey Christie

Fargo’s Lindsey Christie is best known for her magic in creating bright, airy, and open spaces layered with texture.

Interior Designer, Lindsey Grace Interiors

Photo by: Josiah Kopp

Fargo’s Lindsey Christie is best known for her magic in creating bright, airy, and open spaces layered with texture. The materiality of her work pushes the limits of trends while also maintaining timeless, lasting impressions. With a bachelor’s degree from NDSU’s accredited Interior Design Program, nearly 10 years of experience, Lindsey brings a unique perspective of design to Fargo-Moorhead, having spent time studying design in New York City as well as working in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul market.

Let’s tour her most recently-completed project, a full remodel of a Detroit Lakes primary suite, plus five hacks for interior design that homeowners can utilize in their own homes.

Resume at a Glance

  • Spent time studying design in New York City and worked in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.
  • Nearly 10 years of experience in the interior design industry completing start-to-finish interiors in the Fargo market and beyond.
  • Offers new construction, decorating, and e-design services

Featured Project: Long Lake Primary

When the homeowners first connected with Lindsey Christie of Lindsey Grace Interiors for this full-service remodel of their existing home’s primary suite, located in the Detroit Lakes area, their goal was to create a more open, bright, and overall relaxing space.

From the ground up, Lindsey replaced the existing dark flooring in the bedroom with white-washed oak hardwood. She then transitioned the flooring to a Carrara marble tile in the primary that flowed into the custom steam shower. For the bathroom, she mixed two very classic finishes, polished nickel and aged iron, for an updated yet refined feel. Additionally, an elegant but classic free-standing soaking tub was added.

Complementing the hardwoods in the primary bedroom, Lindsey opted to warm up the feel of the bathroom with custom-inset white-washed oak cabinetry. Both spaces have custom wainscoting on the walls that give the newly-remodeled space an “always meant to be” feel.

She then opted for bright white walls in the primary bathroom and a soft Benjamin Moore Stonington gray in the primary bedroom. “These colors highlighted the tall ceilings and gorgeous natural lighting the existing space had,” Lindsey said. “We found the perfect chandeliers to create a subtle but elegant statement in each space.”

The tall ceilings were the perfect setting for a classic canopy bed moment. Lindsey chose a white finish to subtly contrast the soft grey walls. Natural textures can be found in several of the furnishing selections including a natural rattan bench anchoring the foot of the bed. The only thing left for the finishing touch was to select the bedding, and Lindsey selected a soft linen bedding—a perfect finishing touch to this Minnesota Lake retreat, which was completed in the Spring of 2022.

Hot Take
“We may be over-influenced. I love the fact that we have such amazing access to fresh ideas, products, tips, and tricks via social media, but there are a few ways I think it really hurts clients and their expectations. There’s always going to be something new and exciting in the interior design world, but the value of investing in an interior designer is no! to be constantly re-doing your space; it’s to have well-thought-out spaces that bring you comfort for many years to come. Our spaces are meant to be lived in-get a little messy and have memories made. ! just always like to remind people that nobody’s home is Instagram- perfect.

[Interior design for me] always has been and always will be about the people who utilize the spaces we create each day. We get to be surrounded by beautiful items and be really creative each day, but it’s the people who allow us to do the work we do that make it all worth it.”

Lindsey Christie

5 Hacks for Interior Design

1. Mixing Metals

“When picking fixtures for a space (plumbing, hardware, mirrors, and lighting), pick two finishes and stick to them. For example, if you opt for polished nickel faucets, pair them with polished nickel cabinet hardware. Then you can go more trendy with brass sconces and mirrors.”

2. Be Intentional with Natural Materials

“Real hardwood flooring, Carrara Marble, and cedar shakes are all classic elements of design. Don’t be afraid to utilize natural materials in spaces where you are comfortable with them aging a bit. It’s these items that add character and charm to new spaces.”

3. Layered Lighting

“One of our favorite things to add during an electrical walk-through is a statement sconce here or there. While these fixtures add a design element, they also add an opportunity for soft wall lighting in addition to the overhead ceiling lighting.”

4. Invest in Millwork

“A simple wainscoting detail, the right casing around doors and windows, and a statement arched pantry door create a more finished and special-feeling space.”

5. Hire a Team

“Depending on the scope of the project, the best investment you can make is hiring a design and build team that consists of an architect, interior designer, and general contractor. Each professional brings a unique level of expertise to the table, and having a well-organized team is the key to each successful project; the best projects are products of collaboration.”

Lindsey’s Trends & Colors for 2023

7 Must-Haves for the Home that Changed My Life

Custom Window Treatments

“Dressing a window properly, like in a Woven Woods Roman Shade from Hunter Douglas, makes each space not only beautiful but functional.”

There are a dozen Hunter Douglas carriers in the metro, just head to hunterdouglas.com/locator to find your options.

Performance Upholstery

“This is the secret to utilizing lighter colors on fabrics or upholstery in dining settings. When the right fabric is utilized, messes and spills can be easily steam cleaned away.

Pair of Ottomans

“We love utilizing a fun pair of ottomans in our living spaces. They create flexible seating or a place to kick your feet up.”

This and similar styles can be found at Crate & Barrel in Fargo.

Linen Bedding

“A lot of times we are opting for a more casual feel to our primary spaces. We love the luxurious and cozy feel of linen sheets and duvets.”

Patterned Pillow Combination

“The perfect finishing touch to any bench or window seat, and a must-have for your sofa. If you do want to change your space up a bit, this is the easy way to do it.”

Statement Wallpaper

“Wallpaper is back, and has been for a while now. We love utilizing good patterned wallpaper in secondary spaces like the powder bathroom to make the space feel more special. For an added touch of durability, a lot of our lines offer a water-resistant finish to be applied.”

Statement Coffee Table Book

“Styling is one of our favorite services we offer our clients, and a good stack of coffee table books is one of our go-to finishing touches.”

Lindsey’s Local Picks

Rigels Appliances

“They are constantly in the know of all the new and best appliances. They help make the process easy and straightforward!”

Clearwater Cabinetry

“We love working with like-minded industry partners that are always up to trying out new ideas. The team at Clearwater always values our clients’ wants and needs, and we trust in them each step of the way.”

Waterfront Plumbing

Their showroom covers it all, and has a super knowledgeable team to help guide us through selections. We rely heavily on showrooms to always be up to date with the newest products.”

Stone Holding

“They have the best selection of natural materials, it’s truly like shopping for artwork.”

Dakota Blinds (Toby Handly)

“Toby is so knowledgeable in the latest and greatest for window treatment coverings, and makes the process simple and easy.”

People I Love Working With

Taylor Belk
Epic Homes/Custom Home Builder

Jackson Strom
Strom Architecture


Greens and beiges seem to be one of your signature looks—why are those colors so versatile and what other colors have you been experimenting with that we might see in the near future?

Warming up the white! I will always believe that there are classics when it comes to design, and white is one of them. With that said, we are definitely seeing a trend towards warming up our spaces and going “greige” like you mentioned. Greens pair well with almost anything, and we’ve been loving incorporating a rich pop of cranberry or copper tones.

Outside the professional world, what is most dear to you/what do you devote yourself to?

In this season, it’s being a mother to our six-month-old daughter Lydia. She is the light of our world and has brought an entirely new meaning to being a female entrepreneur and business owner.

You recently just had a little one, congrats! What’s the dynamic like between being a mom and an interior designer?

Thank you! It has honestly been so amazing. It’s been so humbling and meaningful [to see] how supportive our clients and industry partners have been of our growing family. I have always been a part of our clients’ lives, in a sense, when creating the spaces that their children live and grow up in, so to receive that same support for our family has truly been the most heartwarming thing.

How does your role in your family help inspire you in the world of design?

In order for our household to operate, we need a calm, organized, thoughtful space. This is true for the clients I work with every day, and I apply this to my everyday work.

I spend a lot of time reviewing the overall look and feel that my clients are drawn to before we start each project, but I also really hone in on who they are as people and as a family. Oftentimes, just through casual conversation. Having a young daughter has only helped me take a good look at how spaces in our homes can work best.

Where’s your favorite spot in town to meet with clients?

Besides our lovely South Fargo studio, our team enjoys meeting clients for a team coffee at Rosewild or Nichole’s Fine Pastries. I also have a sweet tooth and will enjoy a mid-day treat and meet from Sonders Bakehouse or our friends at Crumbl Cookies.

I’m also known to sneak away for a quick class at Pure Barre. It’s the best “me” time and stress reliever there is. It’s all about balance.

What is the most ingenious thing you’ve ever seen incorporated into a home design?

I will say we are known for sneaking a washer and dryer in the most convenient but unexpected places—it’s all about productivity for our busy families! You can hide almost anything behind some custom cabinetry to make the spaces really work.

You’ve worked in the NYC market as a designer— how has that influenced your work here in Fargo?

Honestly, it taught me to never take no for an answer. I love surrounding our design team with solution-based industry partners and it’s a huge part of what makes our projects successful. In design, there is always problem-solving to do—especially over the past few years. I think starting my design experience in NYC helped me and taught my team that the resources are out there—you just have to be willing to find them.

Sounds like you’re a big camping fan — what have been some of your favorite recent destinations?

Ha! Yes, I do love to unplug and unwind, however, I am equally as big of a fan of a lovely resort. We try to do as much traveling as life allows. Some may be surprised that I have a few backpacking Boundary Waters trips under my belt, thanks to my adventurous husband. I always recommend checking out Lutsen or the Minnesota North Shore if you are able to. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing places to escape to just a short drive away.


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