Lifestyle & Going Out Trendsetter: Natalie Sparrow

Natalie Sparrow represents and develops models, actors, influencers, and makeup artists. Her business, Ultimate Image LLC, started in 1998 as an Image and Wardrobe Consulting firm.

Natalie Sparrow represents and develops models, actors, influencers, and makeup artists. Her business, Ultimate Image LLC, started in 1998 as an Image and Wardrobe Consulting firm. In 2001, she launched the model/talent agency after encouragement from a friend she met while volunteering for a local fundraising fashion show. Natalie travels all over the world with her clients to help them experience the industry firsthand. Some of the places traveled to include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Paris, among many others. Her goal as an agent and mother agent is to build and provide experiences that are unique to our area and help provide opportunities that give models/talent a lifetime of memories.

Natalie’s Favorite Annual Events & Activities

The Christmas Gift’s Fashion Avenue

“The Christmas Gift holds the biggest fashion show of the year in Fargo-Moorhead. It is an annual event that helps families in need during the holidays. Radio personality, Dan Michaels, created this event over 20 years ago and it has generated thousands of dollars for families in need, helping make holiday dreams come true!”

It’s A Girl Thing

“This show brings together various businesses and is an all-afternoon event with seminars from local businesses sharing tips on inner and outer health and beauty. It’s a fun afternoon to spend with your girlfriends.”

Fun Fact:
During the It’s A Girl Thing event, there are usually sampling stations of different seltzers, ales, ciders, and other beverages. This year, local cidery Wild Terra was included in the sampling!

The Plains Art Museum Spring Gala

“Every year has a theme and they do not disappoint with the decor, entertainment, and food. Different caterers provide various finger food options and never disappoint. There is always wine tasting from a variety of beverage companies. And, of course, incredible art! The best part of this event is dressing for the theme! It’s so much fun to see the creativity of the guests attending. Past themes have included Wonderland, Prom 90’s style, The Great Gatsby, and so many more.”

The proceeds from the Plains Art Museum’s Gala go directly back into the community, helping the museum provide free educational and artistic experiences

The Jeremiah Program’s Journey for Hope

“This is another local event that has a new theme each year. The themes are based on a different country and feature heritage dishes from the designated country. The event is an evening filled with silent and live auctions, including a heads-or-tails-style auction. The proceeds of this event benefit the Jeremiah Program, helping single moms with housing, education, daycare, and life skills. It is truly an inspirational event!”

North Dakota Horse Park

“The horse races at the North Dakota Horse Park take place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for three to four weekends in July. Horses and trainers are brought in from around the country and it is so wonderful to see a unique sport brought to North Dakota. The races are family-friendly and include local food truck vendors. My favorite day to go is Ladies’ Day at the Races, where they include a derby hat contest. The art and creativity of the hats are so fun to see every year.”

Natalie’s Entertainment Recommendations

Happy Harry’s RibFest

“RibFest is always a favorite. They bring in entertainment from the 80s and 90s—my kind of bands!”

Dempsey’s Public House Karaoke Night

“It’s great to see talented people sing along to songs of now and songs of yesterday.”

Karaoke at Dempsey’s is on Tuesdays from 9 p.m. all the way to 2 a.m., so you have plenty of time to get up on stage every week!

Theater at Davies High School

“The Davies High School has some incredibly talented productions. I have enjoyed watching their plays throughout the recent years. Everything from the costumes, makeup, acting, and choreography is top-notch. Very impressive!”

The Fargo Film Festival

“The Fargo Film Festival is an incredible event showcasing films from across the globe. Some of the films are local films and showcase local actors and actresses. The event has been known to bring in famous actors and actresses as guests of honor for the event.”

Another of our Trendsetters, Greg Carlson, is heavily involved in the Fargo Film Festival each year. Check out his feature on page 38 to learn more about the film scene in Fargo-Moorhead!

Natalie’s Favorite Bars and Restaurants

1. The Toasted Frog

“They have the best Martinis and amazing Lavosh!”

2. Mas Tequila

“I am always in awe of the Tequila bar at Mas Tequila. I am told there are over 300 different Tequilas on their shelves. They have incredible servers who are full of personality and are especially great at providing wonderful suggestions for food and beverage. They change the menu frequently and give the guest a new experience often. I love that the food is not heavily smothered in cheese and not over-the-top with serving sizes.”

3. Beer & Fish Company

“This is my favorite place in town for great seafood and drinks. My favorite is the Tiger Shrimp and their special sauce. I always forget what’s in the sauce, but it is so delish! Their Tuna Tartare is unlike anything I have ever had—it’s a must-try!! Top off dinner with their fun drinks list, served in unique glasses—like the Puffer Fish, served in a puffer fish glass. Great environment and great staff!”

4. Harold’s on Main

“The inside of Harold’s is so cool and the bar has such a unique environment. It’s a great place to go for a quiet night out, and they occasionally have Karaoke nights. The outdoor seating in the summertime is a fun place to hang with friends.”

5. Thai Orchid

“This restaurant provides homestyle-cooked Thai food and the owner and servers are always so kind and caring to their guests. They bring authentic Thai food to the FM area that is unique and tasty. I love their Thai Tea and their unique dish, the Happy Tiger (it sizzles in front of you on a hot plate).”

Natalie’s Perfect Day in Fargo-Moorhead

Natalie’s Lifestyle and Going Out Pro-Tip: “Many people are not aware of the various fashion shows that take place within the community. My favorite shows are the Christmas Gift Fashion Avenue show, taking place every November and helping families in need during the holidays; the International Women’s Day Fashion Show, showcasing local fashion designers and traditional garments from all over the globe; and coming soon—Fargo Fashion Week, celebrating community, culture, fashion, and art.


The perfect start to the day is to walk or bike the trails in North Fargo, along the river. the trails wind through the city and are very long.


In the afternoon, I love to meet people for coffee at a few of my favorite places, even though I don’t drink coffee. (I am a tea drinker, so my decisions are solely based on coffee shops with great tea.) My favorite coffee shops with great teas are Babb’s Coffee House (Seattle Surprise Tea), Nichole’s Fine Pastry (Evening In Missoula), and Beans Coffee Bar (Jade Cloud). If coffee isn’t on the agenda, it would be Teaberry where I can get my favorite Boba Milk Tea.

An afternoon dessert (If I didn’t partake in dessert at Nichole’s) would be THE HULK (Green Tea Ice Cream) at Tea & Crepe, topped with coconut flakes and strawberries.


In the evening, dinner would be at Beer & Fish Company with my family, where I would get Tiger Shrimp and Tuna Tartare. Then, I would meet up with my friends for a special event like a play at the FMCT.

Natalie’s Style Advice

In your 20s…

“Your 20s is an age range where so many different transitions are happening, from finding jobs/careers, starting/ending school, starting a family, and so much more. It’s the time in life when you can wear a super cute and casual top with jean shorts for hanging out with friends, then pair it with a cute pair of jeans for work or school, and then dress it up with a skirt for a night out with friends.”

In your 40s…

“Your 40s is the time of life where various changes take place, including personal, career/school, and family. The lifestyle can be anywhere from super casual to traveling or attending fun events, like fundraisers and galas. Do not be afraid of trends, or the ‘youthful’ styles. You can wear trendy styles that complement YOU. If the trend feels like too much, wear it in smaller doses and pair it with something that compliments your lifestyle, personality, and body type. Be adventurous and mix and match prints, as sometimes the unexpected is a winning combination.”

In your 60s…

“Women in their 60s love comfort and layering! The fabrics of today are much better than they were years ago, including jeans that are no longer stiff and uncomfortable. Wear a denim skirt with some stretch for ease of movement. Pair cropped jeans with a top with print, and layer with a jacket. Celebrate prints and patterns that match your personality. Don’t be afraid of skirts or shorts! There are many lengths—find the length that suits your style. Play with colors and patterns as accent pieces in shoes, purses, and accessories. Don’t settle for less—be more. Get creative and have fun!”

All ages

“Explore color! Create a wardrobe with more than just black. Color can add multiple options to your closet, including layering with prints and patterns that match your personality. The solid color adds interest and doesn’t limit the options to mix and match with multiple pieces in your closet.”

Natalie’s FM Makeup Artist Recommendations

Danielle Grunewald


“I trained Danielle and she was amazing from the first practice application on her model. She is always ready to learn and apply new techniques to help gain knowledge and skill. She is precise in her application and extremely calming to work with for bridal and production work.”

Olivia Guertin


“Not only is she the queen of curly hair (her own hair is absolutely gorgeous and she works magic on her clients!), she rocks an incredible application for bridal and special event makeup.”

Siede Peter


“I met Siede at the airport and hit it off with her from the moment we met. She is extremely thorough in her skin prep and spends extra time to achieve the perfect level of hydration to perfect her artistic creation. She is extremely knowledgeable about all skin types and color ranges. Her attention to detail is incredible and will deliver amazing results!”

Carrie Schwanke


“Not your traditional makeup artist. She is an actual artist (like, beyond faces… she creates amazing artwork through her paintings). Carrie is extremely talented with SFX (special effects) makeup and creates fantastic zombies, Halloween characters, skeleton faces, and so much more.”

Natalie’s FM Fashion Designer Recommendations

Kari Dhalen

Fralen Designs

Michelle Uberreste

Nubi Collections

Reroute Streetwear

Natalie’s Tips for Entering The Model Industry

  • There is more than one ‘model type,’ and not all models are fashion models. Commercial models have the look of the ‘guy/girl-next-door’ and can model any consumer-friendly product (such as toothpaste, medications, skincare, etc.). Commercial models can be any age, size, and look.
  • “You should build a strong portfolio book in order to become a professional model.”
  • Take improv classes. Improv skills help with everyday life, as well as with preparing for the camera.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of who you are—love yourself!”
  • Find yourself a good support system. It’s an extremely difficult industry and can be lonely. Surround yourself with people who believe in you!”

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