An Industrial Meets Modern Kitchen

Mike and Kim Hendrickson recently finished a drastic kitchen and living area remodel in their south Fargo home. With help from Michaela Bakken, designer at Showplace Cabinetry Design Center, the Hendricksons were able to reimagine their living space into a modern and practical beauty.

Photos by Travis Beauchene, Studio Three Beau

Mike and Kim Hendrickson recently finished a drastic kitchen and living area remodel in their south Fargo home. With help from Michaela Bakken, designer at Showplace Cabinetry Design Center, the Hendricksons were able to reimagine their living space into a modern and practical beauty. 

A Need for Change…and Storage

Mike and Kim Hendrickson lived in their south Fargo home for 16 years and felt that it was time for a change. After starting the process of touring some homes, nothing on the market jumped out to them, so they began going down the path of a remodel. Built in 2000, their home wasn’t old by any means, but it was in need of a modern update. 

Their previous space had a wall in the middle of the room, dividing a small, dark kitchen from a front sitting room that was seldom ever used. The previous kitchen had decorative warm wooden cabinets and was a tight squeeze, certainly not ideal for this busy family of five. It was time to find a solution to make their old house a home again. “We just wanted to figure out how we could make this kitchen huge and with more storage,” shared Mike.

Enter Showplace

Mike said that they had been collecting inspiration photos and talking about ideas, but didn’t quite know where to go from there. In the early stages of researching how to even begin a renovation, the Hendricksons decided to visit Showplace Cabinetry Design Center one afternoon. 

“When we went into Showplace, we really felt comfortable,” said Mike. This level of comfort was maintained throughout their whole experience. 

From initial visions to making suggestions to overseeing the installation, Showplace worked with the Hendricksons to make sure their ideas came to life. Throughout the whole process, the Hendricksons had their ideas that they wanted to try, but ended up really enjoying the additional ideas brought to the plate by Showplace. 

Island Time

Beyond knocking down the wall that divided the space, another main priority in the renovation was creating a huge island. Mike stated that they wanted everything to be based around a massive island in the center of the space. Kitchen islands have been trending in modern kitchens and have become a centric part of the designs of family living spaces. From this island, they can wash and prepare foods, gather for drinks with friends and utilize the ample amount of storage on all sides. 

At first, the Hendricksons wanted a black and white-centric kitchen. After working with Showplace along the way, they took away and introduced different design ideas. One of the most impactful of these changes was the addition of the cherry wood on the front side of the island. Walking into the home, this rich wood is eye-catching and has become a focal point of the room. Mike shared, “People walk in the door and the first thing they say is, ‘Wow, that island is beautiful!'” 

In addition to being a beautiful focal point, the island is practical. Along with the sink and ample prep space, they also have storage drawers, built-in double garbage cans and a pull-out towel holder. Their dishwasher used to be against the back wall and the sink in the corner of the room. Now they both are placed in the island, making kitchen activities easier. Kim said, “I just like the flow of getting everything out of the dishwasher. You don’t have to go to the corner to put everything away.” 

Open Concept for the Family

As a family of five, this addition of extra useable space has been so valuable. Kim said, “I like that the kids can actually do their homework in the front space and not be disturbed if we have the TV on in the living room.” Before, there wasn’t a common space that the children could focus on their schoolwork in and usually they would go up to their bedrooms to get it done. Kim laughed adding, “Now that they can sit out here and do it, I can make sure they’re doing it!”

Hearth at Home

Since the remodel made the first floor more open and connected, the family decided to make some updates to the living room as well. 

“It was funny, Michaela showed us a picture and I’m going, ‘Ooh my gosh, I had just pinned that in my Pinterest!’ And she came up with the same ideas and we just ran with it and it was perfect,” said Kim. Michaela Bakken joined the project later along the design process, but she really got to be hands-on in the fireplace design. 

The end result is a slate color tiled fireplace by Hebron Brick, framed on either side by warm flat and modern cabinets with frosted glass fronts. Above, a television is mounted on crisp white shiplap. The outcome is modern and smart yet still comfortable and welcoming. 

“We recently were with someone and they asked us if we would change anything about [the remodel]. And we said we can’t think of anything. It seems like everything we wanted, we got. I don’t know if we would have done anything more,” said Mike. Personal details alongside modern details are what makes this project incredible in ways beyond just aesthetically.


Backsplash: Carpet World
Flooring: Carpet World
Floating Shelves: Dakota Timber Company
Lighting: Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery
Fireplace: Hebron Brick Company
Contractor: Chris Denman, C&N Remodeling

Michaela Bakken, Showplace Cabinetry Design Center Designer

Showplace Cabinetry Design Center offers custom cabinetry made locally in Harrisburg, S.D. Cabinetry is their specialty, however, they also help homeowners select countertops, backsplash tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting and much more. Not limited to only kitchen cabinetry, Showplace also designs bathrooms and other areas in your home that can be highlighted with cabinetry. Visit their stunning showroom to learn more and talk with one of their designers. For more project inspiration, follow Showplace on Instagram at @showplacedesigncenterfargo. 


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