Student Pursues Career As Electrician After Academy

David Ebens

David Ebens went from a graduating senior who was unsure about what to do next to a graduate with a solid plan. Last year, Ebens attended the Herdina Academy for the Construction Trades.

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David Ebens went from a graduating senior who was unsure about what to do next, to a graduate with a solid plan. Like David, many students approaching high school graduation still have career plans that are up-in-the-air. But they do know they don’t want to be stuck behind a desk.

David Ebens

Last year, Ebens attended the Herdina Academy for the Construction Trades and was offered a job at New Horizons Electric, Inc., in Fargo, where he has been working since late summer and early fall. Always an outdoorsy person, Ebens wanted a career where he could work on a job site. Once the Herdina Academy for the Construction Trades’ activities started rolling, he noticed he most enjoyed roofing and electrical work.

The Herdina Academy is a two-week experience for youth aged 15 years and up to learn through applied exercises about the construction industry. Students work side-by-side with industry and education professionals, learning about occupations, tools, safety requirements and skills required for satisfying and well-paying careers.

Ebens had taken some construction classes in high school, but he enjoyed working with the contractors themselves, learning how things are done “in real life.” He also enjoyed getting an inside look at how they do things in their own companies.

His connection with New Horizons Electric, Inc., came about because of a speed interviewing process the students participate in at the Academy. His mother, Kathy Ebens, was impressed with the hands-on opportunities with professional contractors. At the Academy’s conclusion, she says her son had multiple offers from different roofing and electrical businesses.

In addition to the valuable experience it offers, successful completion of the academy allows students to apply for three college credits and take advantage of scholarship opportunities. Dates are June 4-15. Cost is only $25 to attend. To learn more about the Herdina Academy for the Construction Trades, contact the Home Builders Care of F-M Foundation at 701-232-5846 or email [email protected]. You can also visit or visit Construction Trades Academy on Facebook.

This is just one story about one student who discovered the rewards and challenges that a career in the construction trades can offer. Desk jobs and four-year degrees are not for everyone. The trades offer lucrative, fulfilling and exciting options for our youth.

The Home Builders Care of Fargo-Moorhead Foundation is the Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead’s charity that provides a positive outlet for the housing industry to give back to the community, building a framework for the future.

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Monica Hart

Monica Hart is the current president of Home Builders Care of F-M Foundation. She owns Monica Hart Interior Design, Inc., specializing in design services for new construction and remodels, as well as space planning, finish selections and home refreshers.


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