HBA of FM: Coming in September – Fall Parade of Homes & Remodeled Home Tour

Sad about missing the Spring Parade of Homes? Not to worry, the Fall Parade and Remodeled Home Tours are coming up! Hear from HBA-FM about trends they anticipate seeing in these homes.

By Darrick Guthmiller, Home Builders Association of F-M President
Darrick Guthmiller is a partner in Kochmann Brothers Homes, Inc., specializing in new custom homes, remodeling and lake homes.

Even after postponement, the Spring Parade of Homes went smoothly in June! We applaud the public and our members for their support in following the event’s COVID-19 protocol to help make it safe. 

Builders on the Parade told us that interest was stronger than ever from those who want to invest in a new home. There has never been a better time to upgrade and take advantage of record low-interest rates! 

Your next chance to see all the trends is almost here. The Fall Parade of Homes runs two weekends, Sept. 19-20 and 26-27, with the Remodeled Home Tour Sept. 26-27 only. Visit for all the details and guidance on how the event will be conducted in this everchanging pandemic situation. 

Just as coronavirus influences other areas of our lives, it has sparked home design trends! Look for these on the Parade and during the Remodeled Home Tour: 

1. Modifying Mudrooms and Entryways.

A simple area to take off jackets or rainboots when entering your home is no longer an afterthought. Now a focal point, home entryways and mudrooms are a space to drop off mail, collect groceries/delivery boxes, remove face masks and sanitize hands. Future home designs will automatically consider these activities when creating a functional, cohesive and comfortable entryway. 

2. Incorporating Touchless/Hands-Free Home Features

Copper and other materials have natural antimicrobial elements with the potential to reduce the spread of microbes. Doorknobs, kitchen cabinet handles and other home hardware with copper or other antimicrobial materials could grow in popularity. Touchless faucets, hands-free light fixtures or appliances may also gain widespread usage. 

3. Creating Private Spaces

Getting homework, virtual playdates and work conference calls completed all in the same space at the same time is a challenge. New small, convertible spaces or nooks in homes can help a full house function a bit better with an additional private or semi-private space.  

4. Finding Storage Solutions

From more space to store non-perishable food, home office accessories or items in the entryway, a place for everything is generating appeal for homeowners. With more time at home, additional storage space will be a valuable feature in future home designs.  

We welcome you to the Fall Parade of Homes and Remodeled Home Tour next month! Remember, if you are uncomfortable attending in person, we have other options.

Visit to view the homes, pick up a magazine available at all Hornbacher’s beginning Sept. 14 or consider contacting Parade builders directly to set up private appointments.

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