Art In Construction… Say What?

Construction and art have more in common than you’d first expect. Here the HBA-FM provides five examples of trades and professional careers that you may not have viewed as creative, inventive and imaginative.

by Bryce Johnson, Home Builders Association of F-M CEO
Bryce Johnson has been with the HBA of F-M for 26 years, serving as its executive officer over the past 20 years.

Contractors as artists had not entered my mind until I was speaking to a room full of educators with a local remodeler. He began discussing how some construction careers can tap into right-brained creators. The example he gave was a tile installer laying out a beautiful mosaic in a home. Not only do tilers need to be creative, they need to understand color, use spatial recognition and understand object perspective. 

Here are five more examples of trades and professional careers that you may not have viewed as creative, inventive and imaginative.

1. Concrete

Cement and concrete finishers are responsible for pouring, smoothing and finishing surfaces such as walkways, roads, curbs, walls, etc. They accomplish this by using an assortment of hand tools and power tools. Taking this a step further, concrete is now being used inside homes for sinks, countertops and more. These contractors can be creative both indoors and out with texture, stamping and coloring, not to mention being a type of sculptor!

2. Mason

Stonemasons, in particular, are involved in taking something from nature (a stone) which is imperfect and making it as perfect as possible. They use saws, chisels and other tools to shape, sculpt and fix natural stone in order to build the final product. Masons also apply their craft using other mediums like brick, block, stone and concrete to form walls, walkways, patios, surfaces and more.

3. Landscaper

A landscaper works with various tools and equipment to cut grass, shape hedges, mulch garden beds, clean up yard/garden debris, etc. A similar but separate position is that of landscape architects who are responsible for designing yards, parks and other outside spaces. What is more artistic than selecting perennials and several shades of greenery to create stunning landscapes? This can even involve the incorporation of audio sound systems to make the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

4. Painter

Painters and decorators apply paint, wallpaper and other fine finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures to beautify them and help their owners personalize spaces. An eye for detail and color are important. They also need to be good with their hands, enjoy doing precise work and be active.

5. Interior Designer

TThese professionals thrive on being innovative and work hand-in-hand with contractors. They put their art and design skills to work making physical spaces functional, comfortable and attractive. There are a lot of moving parts including color, floor coverings, space planning, furniture and room décor!

The Home Builders Association of F-M and its charity Home Builders Care of F-M Foundation are constantly working to promote careers in the trades and changing perceptions! We provide hands-on experiences for young people to learn through job site tours, Herdina Academy for the Construction Trades and the Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo. Visit for all the details.

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