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The Fargo Antiques and Repurposed Market is one of Fargo-Moorhead’s best kept secrets. With two locations and over 100 vendors, you won’t believe the selection that F.A.R.M. has to offer, from clay-based paint to pieces salvaged from old farmsteads.

Feature photo of 1960s doll house was modeled after a North Dakota farmstead and has been donated to F.A.R.M. for display purposes only.

When you go to the Fargo Antiques and Repurposed Market, you’ll feel like a kid in the candy shop, and not just because they sell old fashioned candy. With two locations and over 100 vendors, you won’t believe the selection that F.A.R.M. has to offer.

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

F.A.R.M. is co-owned by business partners and cousins Kris Johnson and Kristi Bixby. While the Fargo location is operated by Johnson, Bixby is in charge of the location in Moorhead.

The Fargo F.A.R.M. location is a warehouse full of stalls to explore. This consignment store not only offers antiques and repurposed furniture, but what truly sets them apart is that they salvage as much as they can from farmsteads and other old buildings scheduled to be torn down. From wood trim to clawfoot tubs, these fragments of historic houses might have been lost if not for F.A.R.M.

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

“We got most of the wood from a farmstead,” Johnson explained. “We got a call and they said, ‘We’re going to burn the house down. If you want some of this stuff, come out and get it,’ so we pulled out the trim, sideboards, doors and even columns, and this was all just going to be burned to the ground.”

“That’s one thing we like to do, is rescue stuff like that, and then we resell it…A lot of people that buy it are redoing an old house and they need something that matches what’s in there, and you can’t buy a lot of that now,” Johnson said.

“I just ran into a guy who came in that said he has 20 farmsteads that are wanting to be torn down, and he just doesn’t know what to do with all of it. We’re working with him now to try to expand this area.”

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

Another thing that makes F.A.R.M. unique is the claybased paint that they sell. Unlike chalk paint, claybased paint takes a long time to dry out. However, the end result of the clay paint closely resembles that of chalk paint.

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

The clay-based paints come in a variety of colors. “We can do almost any color in the rainbow. If we don’t have the color here, we usually can get it within 24 to 48 hours. We just send them an order and they will overnight it to us,” Johnson said. “We can get it in the eight or 28-ounce or we can even get the gallons if you are doing a bigger project.”

Cottage Paints is based out of Minneapolis and their slogan is, “No stripping, sanding or primer needed.”

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

“Make sure that it’s cleaned and dry and then you can paint,” Johnson recommended.

Cottage Paints offers a natural alternative to beeswax, which is often used as a varnish. Though beeswax produces a beautiful effect, the application process can be very time consuming. This alternative gives a similar look and feel in a fraction of the time.

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

Cottage Paints are also available in flat and satin, and their many glazes can be used to create a variety of finishes.

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

F.A.R.M. vendor Kelly Smiler has used Cottage Paints and had good things to say about their antiquing glaze. “I actually have started working with the antiquing glaze, and I absolutely love it. I will not use Dark Wax again. I can control the glaze so much more than I can control the Dark Wax.”

fortheloveof F.A.R.M

Though they’ve been open for a year and a half, F.A.R.M. is still one of the best-kept secrets in Fargo-Moorhead. Many customers are drawn to F.A.R.M. by word of mouth. However, they also have a growing social media presence that has been an effective way to get the word out about F.A.R.M.

Fargo Antiques and Repurposed Market

Fargo Location:
5258 51st Ave. S. Fargo
[email protected]

Moorhead Location:
420 Center Ave., Moorhead
[email protected]

You can Find them on Facebook by searching Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market Or FM Antiques & Repurposed Market


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