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The Home Authority Basement Remodel

Weaving together practicality and style to create the ultimate entertaining space.

When remodeling her basement, Rachael Boyer, president and CEO of The Home Authority, custom-designed the space to meet her entertaining dreams. With a theater, game table, full bar, exercise room, home office and guest bedroom, Boyer’s remodel fully realized her basement’s unutilized potential.

From the floorplan to the fixtures and finishes, Boyer offered her professional insight into the process behind the basement remodel.

“There’s nothing normal about anything The Home Authority does and so it gives us the opportunity to problem solve and do unique things where other companies probably wouldn’t have that ability,” Boyer said.

A guiding concept of this basement remodel was to maximize the function of the home’s entertainment space. The resulting solution is a fully outfitted basement entertainment area complete with its own private entry.

Home Theater
The basement’s home theater boasts an 85-inch TV underlined by a narrow, linear fireplace. The resulting effect is sleek and modern, requiring creative problem solving to be executed so seamlessly. The house is designed with a bump-out. Boyer utilized that extra space to do a reverse design of the TV and fireplace to make them flush and put all the components behind.

“Most basements that are being remodeled are older homes or they’re homes that haven’t been finished before,” Boyer said. “You just have to plan appropriately when you’re picking out your fireplace. Some people want the traditional square fireplace and you just can’t do it and get the big TV at the same time.”

The home theater also includes a sound system that runs throughout the entire home. Everything is automated off of an iPad system and the sound system can be controlled from any room of the house.

Game Table
The focal point of the gaming area is a beautiful live-edge gaming table with a stream of clear epoxy running down the center resembling a shallow riverbed.

“This is a piece that’s really meaningful to us for many reasons,” Boyer said. Within the epoxy are stones from Boyer’s grandparents’ house. Boyer’s grandmother even put some of the stones into the table herself, adding sentimental value to the table.

The Home Authority creates custom tables using locally sourced lumber. They can custom build a table to best serve the form and function of your space. In the case of Boyer’s table, it is built with memories from the past and is used as a gathering space to create future memories.

The wood slab of the table was also used to make end tables that can double as additional seating.

The Home Authority Basement Remodel

This basement also features a full bar designed to be the hub of the space. Boyer designed the bar so that if someone is standing behind it, they have complete sightlines to all other areas in the basement.

“A lot of the time, people disconnect in the basement. They have these little areas and not everyone can fit in those spaces,” Boyer said. “The general concept I think a lot of people miss out on is that everyone wants to see everyone and be with everyone. So we created that space.”

Even with the space’s openness, it still feels cozy and personable. Boyer credits this to their decision to do 8-foot ceilings rather than 10-foot ceilings.

Boyer considered the practicality and aesthetic value in all of the design choices.“We leave everything wide open because you have no question about where your coffee is, no question where the dishes are and no question where the drinks are,” Boyer elaborated on the decision to use primarily floating shelves. “It makes it easy for people to feel at home.”

An iridescent metallic backsplash paired with thick wooden floating shelves adds an industrial feature to the bar without sacrificing any of the space’s warmth. The prominent use of wood throughout the basement brings a natural element to the modern palette. One can even see the relationship between the natural and the industrial in the bar’s quartzite countertop, as the slab’s markings resemble the roots of a tree.

The Home Authority Basement Remodel

Exercise Room
Just off the bar is an exercise room complete with mirrored walls, rubber floors and metal barn doors custom-designed by Boyer. When closed, the doors act as a sound barrier, giving the room a spa-like feel. When open, whoever is behind the bar has a direct view of the TV.

Bed and Bath
The basement also includes a guest bedroom and two bathrooms. In the bathroom near the entry, Boyer wanted to show how you can maximize your space. “I wanted to show what a standard size bathroom is in normal homes, and how you can take out a tub and make a beautiful tile shower and still have a good-sized vanity,” Boyer said. “People don’t realize that because they’re used to their little enclosed area.”

The second bathroom is located just off the guest bedroom, which contains one of the most memorable features of the remodel, a petrified wood sink. Past the bathroom is a bright and airy home office with white cabinetry, live-edge floating shelves and a metallic floor that sparkles when caught in the light just right.

Boyer’s remodel expertly balances both industrial and natural design elements while emphasizing the flow and function of the space.

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