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Designing with Joy: The Art of Orthodontics – WE Ortho’s West Fargo Location

Designing with Joy WE Ortho

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

WE Ortho, a local orthodontics clinic, recently expanded to its second location in West Fargo. Partnering with Colorado-based architects JoeArchitect and local construction company Olaf Anderson Construction, WE Ortho found their next home nestled in a gorgeous modern building with an interior that was perfectly outfitted for an orthodontist clinic.

Walking in you’re greeted with concrete floors, brick- tiled walls, exposed beams and metal accents that lend a modern elegance to the space. The clinic’s walls and shelves were a blank canvas ready to be painted! WE Ortho reached out to Christen Joy requesting expertise in art curation, greenery and styling. We were thrilled at the opportunity to add to an already gorgeous space, as well as layer in visual interest for their patients.

Welcome Area

You’re welcomed into the space by the WE Ortho sign, which was recommended for great brand placement and as a welcome, identifying the space. As you continue to move into the space, your eye is drawn to six large 32-by-32 inch artwork pieces printed on what looks like a paper mache. The colors are placed in an order to balance out the more saturated colors and the height for hanging ensures you have the opportunity to take in the full selection. When selecting these pieces, we enjoyed how there’s a playful quality with the depiction of origami, something most enjoy first as a kid, yet how it’s modern and clean lines are still appealing to a more mature crowd. The perfect balance for kiddos and adults.

After embracing the first set of art, you may take a journey shelf-to-shelf on a custom furniture piece that’s a blend of metal and woodwork. Tasked to style the wide and tall shelves, we opted for neutral pieces that pulled your eye up and over via stacks of off-white books. Then a mix of greenery, sculptures and interesting objects completes the space. We love the saying, “What is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.” The thoughtfully selected pieces create an impactful display that isn’t overwhelming, allowing the origami to have its moment as well as the other pieces… let’s say “hello” to them!

Designing with Joy WE Ortho

Lobby and Kid’s Space

As patients and friends or family wait, we wanted to ensure the space had color and life brought in, which isn’t always the focal point of a commercial office space. We wanted to create a space that left a great engagement!

Proposing two dogs, perfectly perched in front of wild wallpaper, we thought it would be a hard pass, but luck was on our side and, oh, it’s so good! Interesting and welcoming conversation pieces. One of our favorite experiences? Hearing over and over how “the dogs” are a fan favorite. We get it! #puppylove.

To complement the off-leash dogs is an abstract piece of green and neutral tones. A floating frame and flanked furniture make this abstract piece feel right at home. Two nine-foot fiddle leaf trees were ordered with matte, black concrete pots to highlight the industrial nature of the surrounding spaces. If you’re looking to add life into a space, greenery is always a great place to start – even if faux.

Lastly, grab the record player – the kid’s space is adorned in playful vinyls.

Office Spaces

As you’re escorted to the exam spaces, you’ll pass the offices. To create cohesion among the spaces, white books, artwork and greenery were carefully selected. Continuing an established look and feel throughout a space is the perfect way to ensure guests feel a warm welcome through the space – not just in the entryway.

Fun fact: The artwork in the offices is based on the locations of education Dr. West and Dr. Emerson attended. While working with the WE Ortho team on selections they wanted to integrate work that pulled in some sort of tie back to the cities and we loved the idea. We love incorporating personal nods without being overly apparent or literal so we were on board! It brings it back to interest and conversation – a great quality of well-selected artwork.

Designing with Joy WE Ortho

Private Exam Spaces

One of our favorites is this barn y’all. The recessed lighting in this space combined with the leather and warm wood tones couldn’t be more perfect for this piece. The lights feel as if they’re casting the shadow on this roofline – you start to reach your hand wanting to know if that’s the case. The floating frame pulls in the surrounding features. This is for sure a piece one will gaze at pre- or post-exam in curiosity.

Large Exam Room

With large, flanking wall spaces, WE Ortho was craving color and pieces for patients to enjoy throughout their time spent in the comfortable chairs. Six pieces were selected that echoed the visual interest of the architecture in the space. The selections are modern and clean yet intriguing with bursts of prominent color. We loved how the room was brought to life with the six, perfectly hung pieces – each having their own moment in the open space.

“The artwork and décor upon entry has quite the WOW factor,” Brandi Deutsch, director of business operations at WE Ortho, said. “It makes you feel like you are right at home. The dog artwork is a huge hit with our team as we have many dog lovers. It is a fun take on a New York loft feel. We love coming in to work every day with artwork that portrays our fun and personality. It has been a great pleasure working Christen Joy and we highly recommend her.”

Whether it’s the special day of starting your journey to a beautiful smile or the day you get to see that oh so sweet straight smile – the Christen Joy team is sure you’ll enjoy the experience at WE Ortho’s new West Fargo location.

Christen Anderson of Christen Joy Homes


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