Curating Your Dream Landscapes For 25 Years

Founded by Mike Svaleson in 1999, Turf Tamers is a dynamic landscaping company transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking havens.

By Josiah Kopp & Ed Pavek
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Mike Svaleson and Turf Tamers are Your Local Turf GeniesMike Svaleson and Turf Tamers are Your Local Turf Genies

Founded by Mike Svaleson in 1999, Turf Tamers is a dynamic landscaping company transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking havens. What began as one man with a push mower and weed eater has since grown into a full-service landscaping business, offering everything from lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal to sprinkler and irrigation systems, dirt work, grading, and more. Svaleson and his fellow team of Turf Tamers have taken great strides to become a trusted name in the Fargo-Moorhead community and beyond. We sat down with Svaleson to learn more about what he had to say about Turf Tamers.

Backed by a team of dedicated landscaping and lawn care professionals, Turf Tamers provides their expertise and commitment to excellence in every project. Whether a small residential landscape or a sprawling commercial property, they approach each job with creativity, precision, and a strong eye for detail.

In a League of Their Own

What sets Turf Tamers apart is their personalized approach to landscaping and lawn care, and their ability to take on projects of any size from conceptualization to installation. They also help maintain, improve, and innovate your current outdoor space to match your desires and dreams. Turf Tamers understands that every client has unique needs and visions for their outdoor space— that’s why they take the time to listen carefully and work closely with you to craft your perfect outdoor oasis.

From green lawns to awesome landscapes, rugged hardscapes to brilliant lighting; Turf Tamers specialize in bringing dreams to life. Their skilled team handles every aspect of the landscaping and lawn care process with professionalism and care. They are more than just a landscaping and lawn care company; they are partners in creating outdoor spaces that inspire and excite, leaving a lasting impression for years to come.

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A landscaping project utilizing hydroseed

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Full Service Lawn Care

Budget-Friendly Solutions

One of the biggest advantages of working with Turf Tamers is their ability to work with almost any price point. For clients on a specific budget, the experts at Turf Tamers sit down with you, assess what product options and service packages will work best, and help you identify which areas of your landscaping project you want to prioritize more. This ensures that clients have the ability to select exactly what products and services are right for them while adhering to their budget and allowing for future expansion of the project.

Rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach, Turf Tamers learn what clients need, and then curate a package that is perfect for them. “That’s why we start the process with getting the items you want to have in your finished product listed out,” Svaleson said. “We then take that information and reverse engineer back, ensuring we plan for those items.”

About Mike

Fargo native Mike Svaleson initially attended NDSU for criminal justice with the dream of having a career in law enforcement. But when the early days of Turf Tamers began to take shape, Svaleson shifted his focus to landscaping. Today, his passion for law enforcement lives on through his position as a volunteer fireman, first responder, and leading his team at Turf Tamers. Outside the office, Svaleson loves the outdoors, hunting, spending time with his wife, three daughters, and son, supporting their endeavors in ball sports and dirt racing.

Did you know?
In addition to landscaping, Turf Tamers offers lawn care services like mowing, dethatching, power raking, aeration, irrigation, yard fertilization, & spring/fall cleanup. In the winter they offer snow removal, snow hauling, & salting services as well.

Turf Tamers is your “easy button” for outdoors!

Industry Experts You Can Trust

For the Turf Tamers team, being landscaping professionals also means being visionaries and trusted guides for clients, helping them plan ahead, consider challenges, and create solutions that will save the clients money in the long run. To achieve this, Turf Tamers offer sketches and renderings of project proposals, helping clients get a detailed visual of what their finished product will look like, ensuring maximum efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction, which is Turf Tamers’ top priority.

Turf Tamers understand the anxiety around big investments into a project that you can’t yet see the finished product of—that’s why they have eliminated this common pain point, implementing project renderings for clients to see. This trending service offered not only adds more value to projects but also puts the client’s mind at ease when committing to a project. Svaleson and his team want you to love your outdoor space, both before it begins and after it’s completed.

Visualize your project with renderings!
Utilizing software like SketchUp and AutoCAD, Turf Tamers offers renderings of projects for clients to see before breaking ground. Taking advantage of this service ensures clients are satisfied and at ease, knowing exactly how the end product will look.

A Proven Process for Successful Projects

with Turf Tamers CEO Mike Svaleson

Turf Tamers has formulated proven processes for all aspects of their business, including this 6-step proven process for landscape installation.

Step 1: Discovering Wants & Needs

“We dive into what features the customer envisions for their dream yard and encourage them to share everything they desire, even items outside their current budget. This approach allows us to plan for future additions like electrical sleeves for hot tubs or gas lines for sheds, which saves money in the long run by integrating these elements from the beginning.”

Step 2: Estimate

“We will itemize their ‘dream yard’ and work through cutting items to fit the budget.”

Step 3: Approval & Deposit

“As landscaping experts, we understand codes, safety, and functionality. If any of the clients’ ideas pose a concern, we will help create alternative solutions to your needs.”

Step 4: Schedule the Project

“A good rule of thumb that we tell clients is that when there’s still snow on the ground, it’s a great time to call us and talk through your projects. We recommend clients calling us at least three months before they want the project to begin.”

Step 5: Execute the Project

“To maintain communication efficiency, the estimator that a client works with from the beginning will stay the main point of contact, making sure any pivots, challenges, or changes are communicated across project phases while the client can kick back and know they’re in good hands.”

Step 6: Billing & Customer Care

“Our customer care representative will walk through the finished project with the client and ensure they are 100% satisfied. We then provide you with a ‘best practices and care guide’ on how to care for your new yard. This step in the process is extremely important as it will set the client up for success in growing a beautiful landscape and answer any outstanding questions or concerns.”

Ready to transform your outdoor living space?

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