DIY Floral Arrangement: A Workshop With Christy Tehven Of Love Always Floral

Christy Tehven Love Always Floral

Learn how to make a floral centerpiece with Design & Living by reading about our exclusive workshop with whimsical joy-bringer, Christy-Tehven of Love Always Floral.

Photos by Paul Flessland

Christy Tehven is known for bringing joy to her customers at Love Always Floral. This month, Design & Living Magazine wandered into her shop for a special tutorial on how to make a floral centerpiece that would add a dash of romance to any home decor. Now we’d like to share her advice, from us to you.

DIY Floral Arrangement Ingredients

Ingredients from left to right: Baby Eucalyptus, Pink Lisianthus, Pink Ginesta, Tess Garden Rose, Dusty Miller, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, White Hydrangea

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Much like a chef who finds joy in baking pastries, Tehven referred to the components of our floral arrangement as ingredients. For this particular piece, we used two di erent types of eucalyptus and dusty miller as our greens. For our blooms, we used white hydrangeas, tea garden roses and pink lisianthus. We also used pink ginesta as a filler.


For our arrangement, Tehven chose a vase that bells out because it allows the greens to sit naturally. However, she said, “You can use any vase at home. I think the best part of floral design is that there are no rules, which is unique to our style at Love Always Floral.”

Step 2: Prep and Prune

“Any time you get hard greens or florals to work with they never come in the way that you want them to use, so you have to prune o the bottoms because you never want leaves in your vase.”


“Clip the ends of your stems to keep them healthy. Always cut long, so if they sit too high you can keep cutting.”

Step 3: Arrange the Greens

“We like to mix greens. I think the most underutilized part of a floral arrangement is the greenery, and that creates your foundation and your whimsy. Sometimes I like to focus on one side and build it up for an asymmetrical look. Only use the greens you need, and set some o to the side for later.”

Christy Tehven DIY

Step 4: Add the Blooms and Filler

“For the blooms, start with the hydrangea because that’s what all the other flowers are going to live around. I usually put it o to the side in the front.

DIY Floral Arrangment

“For the filler, I like to use a smaller, textured flower o to the side. Next, I’ll take our garden roses and place them before I cut to see what it will look like. I like to arrange them in groups so it’s not polka dotted, working from the largest blooms like hydrangea, to the smallest like the lisianthus.”

Christy Tehven DIY Floral Arrangement

Step 5: Add a Little Something Extra

“I always recommend designing a front and then working your way back. At the end, take some greens to fill out the rest of the vase.”

DIY FLoral Arrangement and Couch

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