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Christen Joy

In true Seattle fashion, we sat down for a cup o’ joe with Christen Anderson of Christen Joy Homes to discuss her work in Kirkland, Washington.

By Christen Anderson | INTRO BY Becca Opp | PHOTOS by Dale Tu

When it comes to interior design and home decor, the Midwest usually looks coastward to cities like Los Angeles or New York City for inspiration. However, a decorator from Moorhead recently brought her influence to the Pacific Northwest. In true Seattle fashion, we sat down for a cup o’ joe with Christen Anderson of Christen Joy Homes to discuss her work in Kirkland, Washington.

Meet Christen Joy

Christen Joy

Christen Joy Anderson is a Minnesota native and owner of Christen Joy Homes, who has always had an eye for interior decorating. She enjoys working on residential and commercial projects.Anderson has a passion for working with local clients, but her clientelle has extended as far as Seattle, Washington. Her style is influeced by her world travels to more than 20 countries, time spent living abroad and five years living in Seattle.

Meet the Deasons

Christen Joy

Christen Joy

Jenny and Ryan Deason live in Kirkland, Washington, along with their three children. Ryan Deason is the owner of RD Homes, a custom home builder. He initially built this house to sell, but the Deasons knew they had to call it home.

The Project

Anderson met Jenny and Ryan Deason while she was living in Seattle.

“The couple asked me to help bring warmth, color and personality to their modern home. My goal was to achieve an environment that was both visually stunning and family-friendly for their busy lifestyle with three children.” – Christen Anderson

Anderson traveled to Seattle to kick off this large project, then continued to work remotely, communicating with the Deasons via FaceTime and email. This September, she flew back to see the project to completion.

The Tour


Christen Joy

“The Deasons’ goal was to add warmth, color and personality to their kitchen without compromising function. I began by selecting pieces for both their appearance and purpose, such as wooden bowls for storing and displaying fruit, glass canisters for holding accessible snacks and beautiful soaps to help keep little hands clean.

Christen Joy

Christen Joy
These functional finds from Target, Williams-Sonoma and boutiques add color to the space. The succulents on the windowsills also provide fresh pops of color while the oversized bouquet of white orchids create a beautiful focal point for the large space. Next, I focused on bringing warmth and personality to the space by adding rugs and other finishing touches like artichokes nestled into the corner for interest.” – Christen Anderson

Dining room

“In the dining room, I added a modern plant stand and bright greenery to achieve a pop of color without taking away from the real heroes in the room: the accent wall and light fixtures.” – Christen Anderson

Christen Joy

Living Room

In the living room, the Deasons thought it was important to choose mid-mod furniture that would complement their home’s modern design. Anderson helped them select a neutral sofa, velvet chairs and a patterned rug, which she then tied together with colorful throw pillows.

Christen Joy

Christen Joy

Master Bath

“The master bath whispered ‘spa-ahhh’ to me, so I couldn’t resist making the space luxurious for the couple. I layered plush, white linens and rugs throughout the space, along with candles and bath salts. I also added a tray of daily necessities to the floating vanity and bamboo greens to break up the large mirror and neutral colors of the room.” – Christen Anderson

Christen Joy

“When it came to decorating the master bath, I gave Christen zero direction. All I wanted was to feel relaxed. It’s one of the few spaces in the house that we can call our own, and thanks to Christen, every day feels like a spa day.”– Jenny Deason

Adrianna’s Room

“The goal with this room was to allow Adrianna Deason’s personality to shine. This can be seen in the artwork she chose to fill the Pottery Barn frames. These brightly-colored works complement the elegant, yet playful Land of Nod bed set. Meanwhile, pillows and poufs provide the perfect amount of comfort and playfulness, ensuring that the room doesn’t feel overly serious.” – Christen Anderson

Christen Joy

By the end of the project, the Deasons felt as if each piece had been made for their space. Although being almost 1,500 miles away from her clients could have presented unique challenges, Anderson was happy to share her FM area style with Kirkland, Washington through quick trips to Seattle and the use of modern technology.

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