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Broadside of a barn

Ken Promersberger is in the business of branding. That’s exactly what he did with his business, The Promersberger Company, when he created the concept behind Rocking Horse Farm. Located on 160 acres, this large red barn complete with its own silo and duck pond, houses The Promersberger Company advertising/public relations agency and various other leased offices. The building looks like a rural landmark with its long and windy road through the corn fields to its stately entrance. Step inside and you will see two different worlds elegantly combined. Businesses here are greeted with state-of-the-art offices, a one-of-a kind meeting room in a silo, full kitchen, and best of all, daily fresh baked cookies.

Working in a state of the art, modern barn, offers some unique advantages. We could say having such an atmosphere, easily builds workday creativity and productivity; but honestly we think everyone is just happier to come to work here. Ken and Jan’s vision for Rocking Horse Farm and The Promersberger Company is a prime example of preserving the agricultural history of this area while paying homage to the modern and fast growing business hub that is North Dakota. Simply speaking, it’s an office that just feels like home. Now that we’ve enticed you, let’s take a tour and step into the offices at Rocking Horse Farm.

The Owners

Ken Promersberger started their agency in 1972. He worked alongside his wife Jan, and the two pioneered the local concept of a “rural-themed community,” Rocking Horse Farm. They broke ground in 1999 on the first of five anticipated farmstead office buildings. This 160-acre development has future plans to grow into a living community of approximately 400 homes, park land, bike trails, water features, retail and commercial space.

When You Walk In

At first glance, the industrial lighting, modern lines and urban decor leave you wondering, if you have just landed somewhere between two opposite but surprisingly complimenting worlds. Rocking Horse Farm has a charm reminiscent of the family farm and the gorgeous downtown loft you long for; each design element intelligently combined. Artist, Juliet Hanratty’s “Bison Pull Toy” exhibits itself in the lofty lobby.

The Team

Left to Right: Dominic Brouillard, Ben Brouillard, Bryce Goodell, Jon Thorp, Julie Staloch, Mike Crummy, Stephanie Grosz, Denise Kamstra, Rhonda Kramer, Sue Horan, Jan Promersberger, Ken Promersberger gather to together to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Meeting Room

Although the Promersberger Agency is housed inside a barn, it doesn’t mean they’re not up with the latest technology. Since their clients are spread across the country, they need to have teleconference meetings with clients anywhere in the world. That’s where this spacious, well lit office comes in.

Rocking Horse Farm

The name of the farm is “Rocking Horse Farm,” so it only makes sense to decorate the office with its namesake.

Silo Meeting Room

Their meeting room transforms a simple silo into a work of art. This circular room is adorned with horse blanket tapestries to aid in the acoustics. Industrial accents and lighting surround the red stained, maple table giving the space an indigenous North Dakota feel.


When Rocking Horse Farm was first built, they found themselves far beyond the city limits of restaurants and any other amenities to speak of. For this reason they built a kitchen for the staff as well as for clients who come to visit.


Right now all the land around the Promersberger Agency is used for farmland but soon it will be converted into housing to create rural style housing in South Fargo.

To Learn More About Promersberger

To learn more about The Promersberger Company and Rocking Horse Farm go to or call 701-492-9194.


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