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With a background in the retail industry and a passion for wellness, Kristi Ulrich always dreamed of opening a business in Fargo.

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With a background in the retail industry and a passion for wellness, Kristi Ulrich always dreamed of opening a business in Fargo. When an opportunity to open a Jacuzzi dealership in Fargo presented itself, Kristi knew her time had finally come, and Jacuzzi Fargo opened in 2023. I sat down with Kristi and her team to learn more about the products, services, and expertise they’re bringing to the “new frontier in wellness.”

Already having several years of experience working in the hot tub/pool industry, opening a Jacuzzi in Fargo was an easy decision for Kristi. “Our biggest reason [for opening a Jacuzzi in Fargo] is that we believe strongly in their mission,” she said. “It’s such a tremendous product, and we’re excited to share a wellness opportunity with people in our community.”

Best New Dealer in 2023
Out of 1,300 Jacuzzi locations, Jacuzzi Fargo was awarded best new dealer of 2023

Free Water Testing
Did you know you can have your hot tub water regularly tested at the Jacuzzi showroom for free? It is recommended to have your water tested regularly

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Fargo is Helping Deliver Greater Wellness to the Community

With the continual growth and expansion of the Fargo-Moorhead area and more people investing in their living spaces, Kristi saw an opportunity to be a local resource for wellness in people’s daily lives. She is seeing a lifestyle trend—no longer do people need to travel to experience a vacation; instead they can have a getaway right in their own backyard.

But it’s not just about a store with great products; Kristi and her team are striving to give customers a unique and enhanced experience. Jacuzzi Fargo has in-house Jacuzzi-certified technicians who specialize in Jacuzzi products, offering more knowledge, expertise, and value to their customers. They want you to know that when you walk in to Jacuzzi Fargo, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. “When customers walk into our showroom, they’re not just a number to us,” Kristi said. “We strive to make a tremendous shopping experience for them, and offer a relaxing atmosphere.”

Products Offered

J-200 Series

If you’re new to the hot tub scene, this is a great option for you. With an all-new 2023 design, the J-200 series is the perfect introduction into what Jacuzzi has to offer. Available in 2-3 person sizes up to 5-7 person sizes.

J-300 Series

Looking to amp up your hot tub game to the next level? The J-300 series offers a hydro massage pillow in the captain’s seat and power pro jets—a patented design by Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi’s Aqualibrium® Formula combines both air and water behind the jets to offer a gentler massage, a key element in its Hydrotherapy lineup.

J-400 Series

Take relaxation to another level with the J-400 Series, which comes equipped with patented Infrared and Red Light therapy, optional lounge seating and a wide-flow waterfall for even more hydrotherapy delivered to high-stress areas like your neck and shoulders.

J-LX Series

Designed to be stylistically seamless with your outdoor living space, the J-LX series offers a sleek design and comes with everything the J-400 series offers, including Infrared and Red Light therapy.

Meet our Team

Kristi Ulrich

Chuck Ulrich

Wyatt Ulrich

Eric Hager

Syndey Ulrich

David Kjera

What does Infrared and Red Light Therapy Do?

With the combined action of Hydromassage, Red Light, near, mid and far infrared, you can find a greater level of wellness, with more relief delivered to surface tissue and cells, the dermis layer of the skin, and deep tissue.


Staying true to its “new frontier in wellness” philosophy, Jacuzzi Fargo also offers saunas, which come packed with new technology, offering more effective benefits to the user. Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas are engineered with full spectrum (near, mid, and far) front-facing IR heaters, along with Red Light therapy.

Massage Chairs

Brand new to its product lineup, Jacuzzi massage chairs take massage and relaxation to a whole new level. With 2D or 3D massage options, users can take advantage of Jacuzzi’s ShapeSense, SoleRefresh, and FlexRelief technologies, which mold to your body, creating a massage experience unique to you while targeting areas like your vertebrae, feet, and heat technology to your back.

An industry-leading filtration system

Jacuzzi hot tub filters have an industry-leading filtration system that involves a multistage purifying process that involves oxygen and an ultraviolet bulb.

There For You— Long After Your Purchase

Customers can rest assured knowing they won’t be left in the dust after purchasing a hot tub. Jacuzzi Fargo’s certified technicians, Wyatt and Dave, are there to educate you on best practices, basic care, and all the essentials you will need for your new hot tub. Even down the road, if any concerns or service needs arise, customers have access to local Jacuzzi-certified technicians who are quick to address problems and get you back to enjoying your hot tub.

With the purchase of every hot tub comes a hot tub cover, cover lift, steps, starter-package chemicals, and a quick-start guide..

Pro Tip
“One simple way to help your water stay clean is using a ScumRay in your hot tub, a floating device that picks up body oil and residue.” – Kristi Ulrich

SmartTub— A New Era of Hot Tub Care

The bow that ties all of the Jacuzzi hot tub products together is the Jacuzzi SmartTub app. This app enhances your hot tub or swim spa experience, allowing remote monitoring and control of your Jacuzzi, no matter where you are. Some key capabilities and benefits of the SmartTub system include:

1. Remote Control

You can adjust settings like temperature, jet flows, and lighting directly from your smart device. This feature extends to setting schedules for heating and filtration, making it convenient to have your hot tub ready whenever needed.

2. Energy Management

Smart Heat Mode learns your usage patterns to optimize heating schedules, potentially saving up to 25% on standby heating costs. It also allows you to monitor real-time energy usage, helping you manage costs effectively.

3. System Alerts

The app can alert you and Jacuzzi Fargo if your hot tub needs attention, detecting issues like power outages, freezing, or overheating.

4. Integration with Smart Home Devices

SmartTub can connect with other smart devices in your home, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, allowing voice-controlled adjustments and interactions.

5. Vacation Mode

Even when you’re away from home, SmartTub’s vacation mode maintains your hot tub at a lower temperature while continuing necessary filtration, ensuring it’s ready for use upon your return without wasting energy.

Pro Tip: Hot Tub Placement
Jacuzzi hot tubs must be placed on a level concrete or wood base, at least six feet from your power source. Don’t have a base? Jacuzzi can build one for you!

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